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VCR Group is a modern hospitality company that is focused on one thing: customized consumer satisfaction. No project is too lofty and no expectation is left unmet. Through innovation and thoughtful partnerships, VCR Group is pushing the hospitality game to make your next perfect dining experience accessible.  

The team of founders - David Rodolitz, Gary Vaynerchuk, Josh Capon, and Conor Hanlon - together provide years of expert experience in all realms of the hospitality industry. VCR Group is the team behind Flyfish Club, which is the world's first members only private dining club where membership is purchased on the blockchain. Adding to the resume, VCR's founders also worked in collaboration with Michelin Star Chef Masa Ito and Chef Kevin Kim to launch the refined omakase sushi restaurant Ito, which has quickly become a Tribeca fine-dining staple.

When it comes to a modern fine-dining experience, consumers should not have to choose between an elevated ambiance or quality food and beverage. Rather, the team of entrepreneurs and culinary veterans at VCR Group are committed to delivering a holistic experience that provides all a guest could desire and more.  

Introducing: VCR Group Events

VCR’s own - Co-Founder, Chef Josh Capon, and Chief Culinary Officer and Partner, Chef Conor Hanlon - are making the VCR Group experience even more accessible for consumers all around the globe. Offered both as in-person and virtual experiences, VCR Group has developed customizable ways to help elevate your next event.

When we asked Founder & CEO of VCR Group, David Rodolitz, what excited him the most about offering these new dining experiences, here is what he had to say:

“Watching the culinary talents of my partners with these events makes me extremely confident to offer these events under the VCR Group umbrella. Chef Capon and Chef Conor possess an unrivaled dedication to delivering exceptional dining experiences with their personal touch. Many people have reached out to us, expressing their desire to recreate what we do in restaurants for private events, so it was a no-brainer to curate these offerings in an official way that aligns with our passions and brand.”

Learn more about these new offerings below.

1. Virtual or In-Person Cooking Classes with Chef Capon

Celebrity chef Josh Capon is leading cooking classes that are equally informative, engaging, entertaining, and fun. Chef Capon's knowledge of culinary arts has led him to be a distinguished chef personality, having been a guest judge on Beat Bobby Flay and Chopped, as well as featured on TODAY, Good Morning America, and the Rachael Ray Show.

Guests can opt to receive all of the ingredients they need for class in a meal kit delivered right to their front door. Guests will be guided through cooking a meal from start to finish in the comfort of their own homes with Chef Capon in a private Zoom or with an engaging in-person cooking class. 

Classes are completely customizable, so guests can develop their own classes in collaboration with Chef Capon. Some fan favorites include: learning how to make Chef Capon's world famous and 7-time award winning burger, preparing delicious shrimp paired with the perfect bottle of Chardonnay, or crafting your own Mexican Fiesta complete with a fresh margarita, among many others.

Over the course of an hour-long plus class, guests will not only learn new cooking skills, but will have an amazing and fun experience with a renowned chef.

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2. Celebrity Chef Dining Experience

If you're looking to host an unforgettable dinner party, Chef Capon and Chef Conor will bring your vision to life. The chefs are available to cook at a requested location, providing the guests with an extraordinary private dining experience. 

This option is perfect for company events, small group get-togethers or parties of any size. All the food prep, cooking, serving, and cleanup is taken care of. The only thing the guest has to do is work with the chefs to customize the menu.

According to guests who have partnered with Chef Capon and Chef Conor in the past, the chefs "exceeded our expectations in every way. The food was incredible, but that is only half the story. Josh & Conor were an integral part of the party and brought great energy and fun into our home. They turned a dinner into a dinner party. I can't recommend VCR highly enough." -Mitch & Cindy.

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3. Other Unforgettable Experiences

Chef Capon's talents do not end with his masterful culinary skills and exquisite teaching and hosting capabilities. He is also a superb entertainer, whose personality is infectious to for all. Countless testimonials from guests confirm that Chef Capon will always provide an amazing and unforgettable time.

Chef Capon and Chef Conor can make your vision come to life, fully adjustable to your needs and preferences. They offer a wide range of services from personal dinner to corporate offsites. No matter the circumstance, Chef Capon and Chef Conor will make sure every detail of the guest's event is fun and memorable for all.

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