8 Products to Get For the Best At Home Weed Growing Kit

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Let’s open this article with a few interesting stats.

According to Flowhub, a full 12% of Americans are now active marijuana users (approx 39.5 million).

Out of these 39.5 million users, 6% already grow their own weed at home, with the numbers increasing month on month, year on year. We can thank amazing resources like Homegrown Cannabis Co for helping with that!

This means there are now 2.5 million Americans cultivating cannabis at home. Even the numbers are growing!

If you like weed, chances are you know someone who grows it, and you’re probably thinking about trying it yourself!

Do you love weed? Do you want a new hobby? Do you want higher quality weed for a much lower cost?

Whether you’re an active grower, just starting out or simply toying with the idea of maybe growing at some point in the future, these are our top 8 products you can’t ignore. 

1. Cannabis Seeds

Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrowers can choose to grow from clone or seed. 

Clones have their advantages. They’re a little further along in life than seeds, so they save a bit of time and effort in the tent. 

They’re pretty easy to work with too, as long as they haven’t picked up any problems from the mother plant, the cloning scissors, the other clones, or any of the 100s of customers walking past them in the dispensary every day.

The problem with clones is they’re generally smaller and weaker than plants grown from seed. 

A big reason for this is that clones don’t have taproots.

The first big milestone in a plant’s life is when the seed pops and a tiny taproot emerges. A process known as germination.

This taproot shoots down into the soil and forms the basis of a strong, healthy root system.

It helps plants grown from seed deliver 20 - 30% bigger yields than their clone-grown cousins.

As far as buying is concerned, seeds are far easier to deliver than clones (clones don’t transport well). Plus, the choices you have are staggering (Homegrown Cannabis Co - the best site in the US to buy seeds, for example, has over 500 cannabis strains to choose from, and they ship quickly, direct from California). 

This choice means you can tailor your purchase to your own personality and likes. 

Do you like a high-THC, super-potent smoke? Get a pack of 28% THC Gorilla Glue!

Do you like being ahead of the curve? Get a super-original strain like Baked Apple, Cold War Kush, Caffeine Bomb or Sticky Dickie.

Perhaps you want a strain with an amazing reputation, like Leafly’s 2021 Strain of the Year, Do-si-dos, which is one of Homegrown’s most popular sellers. 

One last piece of advice about seeds. Make sure you know the difference between fems and regs.

Feminized seeds produce an all-female crop. With regulars, the grower needs to grow double the plants, because around half will become males. 

Males need to be identified and removed as early as possible, before they pollinate the females and ruin the crop.

Some growers don’t mind this, some like having males for breeding purposes, but most growers want the most efficient way to fill their jars with bud. This means feminized seeds from a premium-quality source.

Buying seeds is literally giving yourself the gift of life. Who wouldn’t be happy with that?

2. Cannabis Nutrients

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Homegrown Cannabis Co.

The best nutrients are often found in the same place you buy the seeds. 

Take Homegrown for instance. They sell the same nutrients that their breeders use for the mother plants, and for the plants that actually produce the seeds.

It’s little wonder that Homegrown nutes bring the best out of Homegrown seeds, it’s like giving them a home-cooked meal, every time!

Homegrown’s nutrient packs simplify cultivation by delivering the exact ratios of micro and macronutrients the plants need for each growth phase. Everything is marked stage-by-stage and comes with instructions, perfect for growers of all ability.

They also include a plant booster - an incredibly useful formula to boost hungry plants or to help with recovery from illness or injury (we’re talking about the plants here, Homegrown nutes won’t help your sprained ankle).

Buying an Organic Nutrient Pack from Homegrown will ensure you get the absolute best from your Homegrown seeds.

3. Grow Kits

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Homegrown Cannabis Co.

You can go even better than both of the ideas above, by combining the ideas above.

A basic grow kit usually contains seeds and nutes, but Homegrown include a bottle of kelp-based Germ Genie with theirs. 

Germ Genie can boost germination rates, it makes a useful foliar, and will enrich the soil at any stage of growth. Check it out here.

Depending on skill level, you can choose from a Quick Start Grow Kit (ideal for beginners), or an Advanced Grow Kit.

Your beginner kit ($115) has a year’s worth of standard nutes, a bottle of Genie Genie and 4 x White Widow Auto feminized seeds.

Your advanced kit ($120) has a year’s worth of organic nutes, a bottle of Genie Genie and 4 x Kyle Kushman’s Cherry AK feminized seeds.

Pick the right kit, and you’ll be laughing all the way to harvest!

4. LED Grow Lamps

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Homegrown Cannabis Co.

When growing cannabis indoors, you need equipment to mimic sunlight. There are several lamp types to choose from, and it’s usually a question of cost-efficiency and efficacy.

LEDs are the future. The best ones are lightweight, super-efficient and will cater for all stages of grow. This includes flowering, when plants need more energy than ever to produce big, juicy colas.

Our only caveat with LEDs is there’s a lot of bad products on the market. You need a reputable brand like to ensure you’re buying appropriate stuff.

5. Meters

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Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Humidity meters, pH meters, thermometers—it's vital you give your plants the best conditions possible, and these tools are a BIG help. Too much humidity can lead to mold and mildew, but you won’t know unless you have a good way of measuring it. 

Same goes for pH - this is impossible (and wholly unadvisable) to guess, but if the pH of your soil is out, your plants are going to suffer, big time. These gadgets are essential to a successful grow but they shouldn’t break the bank.

6. Drying racks

You can DIY a drying space for cannabis buds, but a drying rack makes things ten times easier. 

These products come in mesh, metal, and food-grade plastics, suitable for all budgets and harvest sizes. 

Of course, if you don’t want to use a rack, you can make a drying line with string. It’s just not as cool!

7. Storage

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Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Any grower worth their salt will tell you that airtight storage is vital for curing and preserving the buds. These units lock in moisture, prevent cannabinoid degradation, and keep the cannabis fresh and potent.

Your choice now goes way beyond Mason Jars (although Mason Jars are great, too). You can choose budget-friendly or luxurious options, but you need to choose from a reputable supplier.
The range at is a good place to start!

8. Extraction machine

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Homegrown Cannabis Co.

As our final pick, we have a leftfield suggestion more suited to serious growers. 

Modern extraction machines can make use of the full plant, producing hash, shatter, oils, tinctures and all manner of exotic substances.
This is a big-budget product and a serious statement, so choose the best kit from the best supplier.

The right stuff

We hope this article has given you plenty of food for thought.

It’s important to have the right kit to grow cannabis, but getting the right seeds and nutes is absolutely VITAL.

Seeds are the gift that keep on giving. They represent an endeavour, an adventure, and a delicious, long-lasting and super-enjoyable reward. 

They’re the key to a successful grow and the first step into a greener, happier, higher world.

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