Who Has Won the Most Oscars? Best Director, Actor and Actress

The most Oscars for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and more.

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As we inch our way through award show season, all eyes are on the crème de la crème of award shows: the Academy Awards. But you may be wondering, who has won the most Oscars? The 2024 Oscars are set to take place on Sunday, March 10th, hosted once again by Jimmy Kimmel, and will be a celebration of the phenomenal year in movies and groundbreaking performances in film since last year's show. There's been lots of chatter about the nominations for this year's Oscars, which were announced in mid-January -- and you can read all about our predictions here (hint: think Oppenheimer). If one thing's for sure, when there's chatter, it's almost guaranteed to be a good show.

To be nominated for an Oscar, also known as an Academy Award, is a prestigious honor unlike any other award, especially as cinematography and film-making continues to get more extravagant. For many actors and producers, it's an achievement just to be nominated, let alone win. But nevertheless, there are a handful who have multiple Academy Awards. So, who Has Won the Most Oscars? Let's discuss.

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Who has the most Oscars of all time?

Walt Disney - 22 Oscars

What directors have won the most Oscars?

Billy Wilder - 6 Oscars

Francis Ford Coppola - 5 Oscars

What producers and designers have won the most Oscars?

Aside from Walt Disney, with his unprecedented 22 Oscars, there have been a handful of producers and designers that have brought home a nice collection of Oscars.

Walt Disney - 22 Oscars

Cedric Gibbons - 12 Oscars

Alfred Newman - 9 Oscars

What movies have won the most Oscars?

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (2004) - 11 Oscars

Titanic - 11 Oscars

Ben-Hur - 11 Oscars

What actress has won the most Oscars?

Katherine Hepburn - 4 Oscars

What actor has the most Oscars?

There is a three-way tie for actors with the most Oscars. Walter Brennan, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Jack Nicholson have each received the honor three times, making them the most decorated actors.

Walter Brennan - 3 Oscars

Daniel Day-Lewis - 3 Oscars

Jack Nicholson - 3 Oscars

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