The Best Dressed Men at the 2024 Emmy Awards Rocked the Red Carpet

From Matty Matheson to Colman Domingo

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Well it's been even more of a whirlwind than normal in the land of Hollywood hasn't it? Last week we had the Golden Globe Awards, then over the weekend we had the 2024 Critics' Choice Awards, and finally last night we were able to have the 2023 Emmy Awards ceremony that should have taken place this past September, but was postponed as a result of the then writers and SAG-AFTRA strikes that were taking place at the time. While the ladies always look incredible with their dazzling gowns and eye-catching makeup, often lost in the conversation is just how much the men have stepped up their fashion game for red carpet events over the past decade or so. Gone are the days where the guys just picked random suits in their closets and called it day (literally). The fellas are putting in effort nowadays, and their efforts deserve to be recognized.

Let's take a look at the best dressed men of postponed 2023 Emmy Awards shall we?

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1. Jeffrey W. Byrd

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Velvet suit? Check. Super waxed, shined, and polished dress shoes? Check. A bowtie? Check. Mr. Byrd looked nice in this velvet get up last night.

2. Chris Perfetti

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Chris Perfetti just might have topped his look from the Golden Globes last week with this crisp blue suit. Also, shoutout to the singular circa 1700s curl Perfetti was rocking last night.

3. Matty Matheson

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It's really the fisherman sandals for us. Don't get us wrongthe suit is very nice as well, but those fishermans...

4. Kieran Culkin

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If you want to automatically take your suit game to the next level, show up with your better half. See the above example with Kieran Culkin.

5. Tatanka Means

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There's a regular standard tuxedo, and then there's a green velvet tuxedo. Playing around with colors is never a bad idea fellas, as demonstrated here by Tatanka Means.

6. Colman Domingo

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Colman Domingo deserves an award for the fashion stretch he's been on during the past week. The man is single-handedly making everybody else step their game up.

7. Stephen Manas

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Stephen Manas looking photoshoot fresh on the red carpet with his sleek black suit and bow tie. The bow tie is always a classic look.

8. Pedro Pascal

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Pedro Pascal continuing to give us a masterclass at how to elegantly wear an arm sling if you have an injury is already one of the greatest things of 2024.

9. Travis Barker

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Travis looking extra cool as usual, but still not as cool as his better half. Sorry Travis! We're sure that you'd agree with us though.

10. Jeremy Allen White

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Thank You Jeremy Allen White for giving us something other than a black suit jacket. Come on guys—mix up the colors a little bit more next time! Also, shoutout to another spiffy bowtie.

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