The Wingstop Hot Box Just Made Satisfying 4/20 Munchies Easier

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4/20 has arrived, and Wingstop is prepped and ready to serve all those who celebrate.  For a limited time only, Wingstop will be serving its meticulously crafted and ultimate crave-able 4/20 product that will sure to cure any and all munchies. Introducing: The Wingstop Hot Box. 

The Wingstop Hot Box gives customers the choice between three flavorful chicken options. The meal is completed with a bed of fries, a 20 oz. icy drink, and ranch dip.  Whether you’re craving a chicken sandwich, an 8-piece boneless or classic wings, or 3-piece tenders, the chicken will come hand sauced-and-tossed in a spicy, cheesy dry rub, drizzled with spicy lit ranch, and topped with hot cheese puff dust and natural herb seasoning.

The curators on Wingstop’s “Highspitality” team prepared for each type of glassy-eyed guest who have one thing in common: their longing for the perfect meal.  So, whether you’re the “Line Stopper," "The Giggler," or "The Cotton-Mouthed Joe," Wingstop has you covered.

4/20 is meant to be a stress-free celebration, so make the decision easy for yourself. Let the experts at Wingstop provide the perfect meal for you. The Wingstop Hot Box is available from 4/20 until 4/23, and prices range from $8.99 to $13.99. Enjoy wisely!

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