The Very Best Songs About Weed for Sophisticated Stoners

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Are you a sophisticated stoner looking for songs about weed? Look no further, we've got you covered with our 420 playlist! 420 has a rich history, and this year, stoners around the US have more legal access to cannabis than ever before. It's hard to ignore how special this year's 420 festivities are, especially with how rapidly weed use is expanding. A strong sense of community runs deep throughout all weed-smokers; today, the community is uniting once again to celebrate their love for the recreational drug.

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The holiday is said to have originated during the 1970's in California, amongst a group of friends who called themselves "the Waldos." This friend group would come together every day after school to smoke weed at 4:20 pm. What started as an idea became a ritual for the Waldos, and before long, the term 420 and its association with cannabis were widely popularized. One of the founding members, Waldo Dave, had a sibling who was good friends with Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh. It's said that the Grateful Dead were influential in the amplification of the 420 movement.

While many other stories of 420's origins have floated around, this particular one has been fact-checked by many and is seen as the most valid explanation of the movement's beginnings. One thing is for certain: from the moment that the term '420' was coined, it has represented a desire to come together and celebrate a shared love for cannabis.

In the same spirit, today, we present you a 42-song playlist called '4:20pm.' The playlist celebrates some of our favorite songs about weed from artists like Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi, A Tribe Called Quest, Curren$y, Snoop Dogg, Mac Miller, and more. It's a great reminder of just how culturally influential marijuana has been for decades. Its influence has only continued to grow, as has its community.

We really took our time to curate only the best vibes for you, so you can make the most of this special day. While primarily based in hip-hop, our playlist features all sorts of genres to celebrate cannabis. We made sure to include all of our favorite lyrics from the playlist, so pay close attention.

Take some time out of your 420 to kick your feet up, light one up, and listen to our '4:20 pm' playlist! You're bound to enjoy yourself.

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite songs about weed from our 420 playlist. Whether you're kicking it inside or outside, solo or with your people, this is meant for you.

42. "Brothers" - Kid Cudi, King Chip, A$AP Rocky

Year Released: 2013

Favorite Lyric: "Be a man of your word, don't ever let 'em play you."

41. "Electric Feel" - MGMT

Year Released: 2007

Favorite Lyric: "I said ooh girl, shocked me like an electric eel."

40. "Brand Name" - Mac Miller

Year Released: 2015

Favorite Lyric: "My shoes off, I'm comfortable, I'm chilling smoking weed again."

39. "Spotlight" - Wiz Khalifa, Killa Kyleon

Year Released: 2010

Favorite Lyric: "No joint roaches in my car, play the game smart."

38. "Just What I Am" - Kid Cudi, King Chip

Year Released: 2012

Favorite Lyric: "Early in the morning, I'm wakin', bakin', drinkin', contemplatin'. Ain't no such thing as Satan, evil is what you make it."

37. "Paper'd Up" - Snoop Dogg, Kokane, Traci Nelson, Mr.Kane

Year Released: 2002

Favorite Lyric: "Me and Warren G, and a big fat plate of
Chicken wings, cause that's my favorite thang."

36. "Paperbond" - Wiz Khalifa

Year Released: 2012

Favorite Lyric: "I'm rollin' up and goin' places across seas. Hopin' the neighbor don't smell the shit I bake."

35. "Polo Jeans" - Mac Miller, Earl Sweatshirt

Year Released: 2014

Favorite Lyric: "Gettin' wasted as the time that I'm spendin' high and sedated."

34. "Day 'N' Night (nightmare)" - Kid Cudi

Year Released: 2008

Favorite Lyric: "The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night."

33. "The End" - Kid Cudi, GLC, Chip Tha Ripper, Nicole Wray

Year Released: 2010

Favorite Lyric: "My brother told me a long time ago, don't focus where you been, G, focus where you tryna go."

32. "Guillotine" - Pi'erre Bourne

Year Released: 2019

Favorite Lyric: "Focused on her paper, she's like, 'My assignment was due'."

31. "Electric Relaxation" - A Tribe Called Quest

Year Released: 1993

Favorite Lyric: "Relax yourself, girl, please settle down."

30. "Let's Get High" - Dr. Dre, Hittman, Ms. Roq, Kurupt

Year Released: 1999

Favorite Lyric: "Weed by the barrels in my G'd up apparel."

29. "Pass The Dutchie" - Musical Youth

Year Released: 1982

Favorite Lyric: "Pass di Dutchie 'pon di left hand side"

28. "Meditation" - The Abyssinians

Year Released: 1978

Favorite Lyric: "It's meditation, build up yourself up with meditation."

27. "Because I Got High" - Afroman

Year Released: 2000

Favorite Lyric: "'Cause I got high, because I got high, because I got high."

26. "200 Pies" - Conway the Machine, 2 Chainz

Year Released: 2021

Favorite Lyric: "So much dope under my mattress, have to sleep on my side."

25. "Bluffin" - Wiz Khalifa, Berner

Year Released: 2012

Favorite Lyric: "I got so much paper I just spend it like it's nothin'. Ain't no way they spend how much they say cause they just bluffin'."

24. "Easy Skanking" - Bob Marley and The Wailers

Year Released: 1978

Favorite Lyric: "Excuse me while I light my spliff (spliff). Oh, God, I got to take a lift (lift)."

23. "Marijuana" - Kid Cudi

Year Released: 2010

Favorite Lyric: "Pretty green bud, all in my blunt. Oh, I need it. We can take off, yeah, ooh, marijuana, yeah."

22. "Good Times" - Styles P

Year Released: 2002

Favorite Lyric: "I get high cause I'm in the hood, the guns is around. It take a blunt, just to ease the pain that humbled me now (whew)"

21. "Smokin' Rollin'" - Juicy J, Pimp C

Year Released: 2013

Favorite Lyric: "Where the hell is we headed, I don't know but I'm high. I roll another zip of that fire, scream Taylor Gang or die."

20. "Gimme the Light" - Sean Paul

Year Released: 2002

Favorite Lyric: "Every man around dem waan turn yuh inspector. But yuh nuh let dem sweat ya, nah grill you wid nuh lecture."

19. "Kush" - Lil Wayne

Year Released: 2007

Favorite Lyric: "And I smoke that kush.Yeah, that kush. And I ball like swoosh. Yeah, like swoosh."

18. "Broccoli" - DRAM, Lil Yachty

Year Released: 2016

Favorite Lyric: "Ain't no tellin' what I'm finna be on (ayy ayy), I'm beyond all that fuck shit."

17. "Blueberry Yum Yum" - Ludacris, Sleepy Brown

Year Released: 2004

Favorite Lyric: "Get your lighters, roll that sticky, let's get higher (let's get higher). Got that blueberry yum yum and it's that fire (it's that fire)."

16. "One Good Spliff" - Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers

Year Released: 1999

Favorite Lyric: "We gon' do our best. Never let it rest. Till our good be better. And our better best."

15. "Weed Song" - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Year Released: 2000

Favorite Lyric: "You know that weed can really ease your mind. Every time I smoke good reefer that endo high makes me fly."

14. "Eyes Closed" - Curren$y

Year Released: 2019

Favorite Lyric: "Andretti on the court game, ice cold. Watch me roll this motherfucker with my eyes closed."

13. "Legalize It" - Peter Tosh

Year Released: 1976

Favorite Lyric: "Legalize it. And don't criticize it. Legalize it (Yeah, yeah). And I will advertise it."

12. "Stay Fly" - Three 6 Mafia

Year Released: 2005

Favorite Lyric: "We live them lives and keep them eyes tight."

11. "Crumblin' Erb" - Outkast

Year Released: 1994

Favorite Lyric: "There's only so much time left in this crazy world, I'm just crumblin' erb, I'm just crumblin' erb."

10. "Mary Jane" - Rick James

Year Released: 1978

Favorite Lyric: "I'm in love with Mary Jane, she's my main thing."

9. "Mr Magic (Through the Smoke)" - Amy Winehouse

Year Released: 2003

Favorite Lyric: "All the songs sound better when you're next to me."

8. "D'Evils" - SiR

Year Released: 2018

Favorite Lyric: "One spliff a day'll keep the evil away. My one spliff a day'll keep the evil away."

7. "Still Blazin" - Wiz Khalifa, Alborosie

Year Released: 2010

Favorite Lyric: "Why can't everyone just smoke like me? Just gimme a quiet place and lemme roll my weed."

6. "How High (Remix)" - Method Man, Redman

Year Released: 1995

Favorite Lyric: "The Green-Eyed Bandit can't stand it. With more Fruitier Loops then that Toucan Sam bitch."

5. "HIGHEST IN THE ROOM" - Travis Scott

Year Released: 2019

Favorite Lyric: "We ain't stressin' bout the loot."

4. "Sky" - Playboi Carti

Year Released: 2020

Favorite Lyric: "I told my boy, Go roll like ten blunts for me (What? Roll ten, what?)."

3. "Hyyerr" - Kid Cudi, Chip Tha Ripper

Year Released: 2009

Favorite Lyric: "Cause life is short and filled with lots of grief and doubt. So I just, pull that bag of colorful frosty leaves on out. And free my scalp, I need to free my mind a puff at a time."

2. "Hypnotic" - Memphis Bleek, Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel

Year Released: 2003

Favorite Lyric: "Uhh, roll a L and burn a incent. It's like magic when I invent, this shit that I present."

1. "I Get High" - Freda Payne

Year Released: 1977

Favorite Lyric: "I get high, I get high, I get high, I get high on your memory, high on your memory."

That's all for our list of best songs about weed. Now get out there and go celebrate 4/20 properly. From Snoop Dogg to Wiz Khalifa, Rick James, Kid Cudi, Mac Miller, and beyond, we really touched on some of the best music out there to smoke along with. Music and weed go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Even if you're reading this on a day other than April 20th, there's still 4:20 to look forward to. Isn't that one of the best parts about weed? Not only does it have its own holiday, but it's also a means to make any day a holiday. Sit back, relax, and be sure to keep this playlist on repeat. You'll thank us later!

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