The 16 Best AEW Wrestling Theme Songs, Ranked

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All Elite Wrestling

Wrestling fans know there’s a substantial amount of factors that go into making their favorite pastime entertaining. The wrestlers themselves, their in-ring contests, the commentary team, and the pomp & circumstance of it all are what’s needed to make a wrestling event pop. One of the more important factors that truly make a live wrestling show memorable is the incorporation of great music. Besides the themes tied to the actual show, fans get a kick out of instantly recognizing who’s coming down the ramp based on the opening notes of a wrestler’s signature tune.

We all know about many of the classic themes that have made their way onto our gym playlists from WWF/E, WCW, ECW, TNA/Impact Wrestling, etc. All Elite Wrestling hasn’t been around as long as those feds just yet, but they’ve still managed to deliver some pretty fire wrestler themes thus far. So let’s make sure we honor 16 of those hype-inducing tunes and show love to the music maestros that work their magic for the AEW roster.

1. “Judas” - Chris Jericho

2. “Tarzan Boy” - Jungle Boy

3. “Arrival” - Sting

4. “Kingdom” - Cody Rhodes

5. “Battle Cry” - Kenny Omega

6. “Unscripted Violence” - Jon Moxley

7. “Superkick Party” - The Young Bucks

8. “Everybody Dies” - Lance Archer

9. “I Fell” - Darby Allin

10. “Proud & Powerful” - Santana & Ortiz

11. “Better Than You” - MJF

12. “This is War” - Wardlow

13. “Triángulo De La Muerte” - Death Triangle

14. “Ghost Town Triumph” - “Hangman” Adam Page

15. “Bad Boy” - Joey Janela

16. “SHOTS” - Private Party

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