The 27 Best Boxers Of All-Time

The greatest fighters to ever step into the ring.

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The sport of boxing has featured some of the greatest sports athletes ever. Though the passport has evolved, one thing that has always been consistent is the interesting stories, personalities, and great fights that have happened over time. With characters like Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Joe Louis, the sport has featured a great group of phenoms that excelled at the sport and made history. From Sugar Ray Robinson to Evander Holyfield, here’s a look at the best boxers of all time.

1. Sugar Ray Robinson (173-19-6)

2. Muhammad Ali (56-5)

3. Joe Louis (66-3)

4. Ezzard Charles (95-25-1)

5. Henry Armstrong (152-21-9)

6. Bernard Hopkins (55-8-2)

7. Jack Johnson (70-11-11)

8. Jack Dempsey (68-6-11)

9. Evander Holyfield (44-10-2)

10. Sugar Ray Leonard (36-3-1)

11. Floyd Mayweather (50-0)

12. Gene Tunney (82-1-4)

13. Rocky Marciano (49-0)

14. Julio Cesar Chavez (107-6-2)

15. Joe Frazier (32-4-1)

16. Mickey Walker (131-25-5)

17. Stanley Ketchel (51-4-4)

18. George Foreman (76-5)

19. Benny Leonard (186-22-9)

20. Archie Moore (186-23-10)

21. Manny Pacquiao (62-7-2)

22. Tony Canzoneri (141-24-10)

23. Roberto Duran (103-16)

24. Harry Greb (261-17-19)

25. Marvin Hagler (62-3-2)

26. Barney Ross (72-4-3)

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Ross had some significant signature wins, racking up victories in fights against legends like Tony Canzoneri and Jimmy McLarnin. One of Ross’ two victories over Canzoneri earned him the welterweight and lightweight belts. Twenty-two of Ross’ wins were won by knockout. Remembered for having great stamina and for being a great thinker in the ring, Ross had one of the best lightweight stretches in boxing history.

27. Marcel Cerdan (113-4)

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