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Boxing training is great not only for those who want to become professional boxers or learn to defend themselves, but anyone looking to stay fit in a fun way. Those with home gyms got special use from them last year and if you’re looking to start one or add a boxing bag to yours, look no further. Here is a list of some of the best boxing bags around. First though, this is an important and somewhat complicated decision, so here’s what you need to know.

1. Best Overall: Protocol Punching Bag

2. Best Free-Standing: Dripex Punching Bag

3. Best For Kids: Qiqu Punching Bag

4. Honorable Mention: Tuowei Punching Bag

5. Best Double-End: Toco Freido Boxing Bag

How to pick the best boxing bag for you

  • Consider how seriously you’re taking the training – There’s no shame in wanting to just hit a bag for fun and get yourself moving a few times a week, but it does mean that you won’t need to buy as professional of a bag. If you plan on getting high quality gloves, using the bag daily and taking technique seriously, you might want to consider a high-end bag for your specific needs. It’s also worth noting that a boxing bag isn’t just one kind of thing. There are multiple bags for different needs, including bags that are better for different kinds of punches.
  • Consider how much you’ll use it – Boxing bags are generally pretty durable even at a budget level because they’re made to be hit, but as with anything, they can suffer from wear and tear over time.
  • Consider what you’ll use it for – Perhaps this also sounds silly considering it’ll obviously be for punching, but a way down the line, perhaps you’ll want to start throwing knees and kicks to the bag. If you think there’s potential for that, get a bag which can handle the heavier weight of a kick.
  • Consider where you’ll use it – Some boxing bags are freestanding and some hang from the ceiling. Some also take up more space than others due to not only their size, but how much they move when you hit them. If you’re in a garage with not a lot of space, perhaps get a smaller bag and one that doesn’t sway so much.

1. Protocol Punching Bag

1 30

Best For Beginners

This option from Protocol is great becomes it comes with  verything you need to get started, including the punching ball, the inflatable pump and even a pair of padded gloves. It’s perfect for beginners in that sense. The fact that it’s a punching ball over an entire bag also means that it doesn’t need to go in as spacious of an area. Unfortunately, the drawback of this means that it’s harder to practice an uppercut on it or even body punches at all. There is a height adjustment feature which allows it to go from 48 inches high to 58 inches high, but depending on your height, it’ll still be tough to throw lower punches. 


  • Ideal for beginners
  • The stand is adjustable from 48 inches to 58 inches


  • You have to purchase the premium version if you want a large base
  • Can’t practice body shots
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2. Dripex Punching Bag

2 30

Most Durable

Next up is this freestanding bag from Dripex. It’s a premium option with some special features. It weighs 182lbs and stands at 69 inches tall, which is just under 5’8”, but of course with the big base, it’s higher than that. Above the bass, you might notice some yellow springs. That’s the shock absorbing system, which means that there’s less vibration and even noise reduction, so that bag isn’t making loads of noise when you hit it. That means it’s perfect if you have a little more experience under your belt and want to go all out on the bag, because it can withstand punishment. The base also solidifies this, featuring suction cups on the bottom. It also requires water or sand to stand sturdy, with the bag weighing 137lbs with the former and 182lbs with the latter. Filling it with sand might be an issue for some.


  • Great shock absorption means it can be hit very hard
  • Sturdy floor sucking base


  • The bottom part comes empty, so you have to fill it with sand or water
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3. Qiqu Punching Bag

3 30

Best For Kids

This option is for those that have kids who want to use a bag. It’s QIQU’s inflatable option, which means that children don’t even really need to have big padded gloves or hand wrap on to hit it, because it won’t punish the knuckles. The stand still requires water or sand to be sturdy so that it doesn’t go flying when hit, but this isn’t an option for any adults who want to hit hard. If you’re an adult who just wants to throw some light punches as a form of stress management though, it could still work.


  • Great to keep kids fit


  • Still requires filling with water and sand
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4. Tuowei Punching Bag

4 28

Honorable Mention

TUOWEI’s bag here is another great inflatable option for kids, but this one is unique in that as well as boxing, if your kids enjoy throwing an elbow, knee or kick at the bag every now and then, it will be able to withstand that. It weighs just 700 grams, which means it can be taken outdoors and back indoors quite easily if needed. With this big though, you’re committing to not being able to hit it as an adult, because it’s slightly too short to be useful for that.


  • Withstands kicks and punches
  • Great for kids to practice on


  • It might not be ideal for professional boxers
  • Too short for the family to try
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5. Toco Freido Boxing Bag

5 22

Best Double-End

TOCO FREIDO’s option on this list is actually a double end bag. A double end bag is a unique type of boxing bag that works to improve speed and timing over just power. For this reason, this is a better option for either beginners who know they want to take their boxing training a little more seriously than just using it to get fit or for those who have already used a standard bag for a while and want to make improvements to the technical aspect of their training. It comes with an airpump and two reflex balls which come attached to a headband, meaning that you can train your accuracy, timing and hand-eye coordination there too. 


  • Great for those with basic experience
  • Packaging includes an air pump, one headband, and two balls that you can use to practice


  • Not ideal for those wanting to hit a bag to get fit
  • Limited color options
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