The 15 Best College Football Uniforms

These are some of the best in the game


We’re here to start trouble. There’s no other way around it. Team jerseys are a pretty big deal in sports, and oftentimes there is the inevitable discussion of which teams are the best. With us now being on the cusp of another exciting college football season, we thought we’d highlight which teams look the best, literally.

Obviously these types of rankings are pretty hard to do. It seems like a cop out to get the top jerseys award to the top/most popular teams in college football, but the reality is that those are the highest selling jerseys. That said, we’re also a firm believer that a great jersey is a great jersey, regardless of ranking and popularity.

As we prepare to block off our Saturdays for the rest of fall, we’re rounding out our 15 favorite jerseys of this season. Hang around and see if your team made the list.

1. Cincinnati Bearcats

2. Alabama Crimson Tide

3. Georgia Bulldogs

4. Michigan Wolverines

5. Florida Gators

6. Clemson Tigers

7. Florida State Seminoles

8. LSU Tigers

9. Ohio State University

10. UCLA Bruins

11. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

12. Oregon Ducks

13. Penn State Nittany Lions

14. Miami Hurricanes


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SMU may never replicate their Pony Express eliteness, but they’ve never looked better on the field. Last season the Mustangs debuted a new get-up with a script “Dallas” along the front, rather than the team or school name. It—alongside the helmets with the Mustang logo running through a big D—is cold as hell.

University of Maryland

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Inspired by Phil Knight’s efforts at the University of Oregon, Under Armour founder Kevin Plank has made several generous donations to the University of Maryland, his alma mater. Like Oregon, the Terrapins have some of the most outre jerseys in college football, paying homage to their home state by wearing its famously garish flag on their sleeves.  


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Although most people don't even realize that Tulane has a D1 football team, their stellar football jerseys deserve more love. With their combination of powder blue, green and white, the Green Wave have some of the most unique ensembles in the sport. Their logo is very cool too.


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It’s impossible to not respect the troops when their jerseys are so clean.


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That’s gonna do it. Whether you agree with our selections or not, nobody can ever take away the power of school pride. Happy Bowl season!

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