Foot Locker Brings John Collins Brand “The Baptist” To Local Atlanta Stores

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Foot Locker and Atlanta are continuing to bring the heat. John Collins’ brand “The Baptist” is set to hit local Atlanta Foot Locker stores, as well as online, through its Homegrown platform which connects communities and showcases designers across the nation. Available products include t-shirts, sweatpants, and sweatshirts, and will be available in Atlanta Foot Locker stores starting January 4. The 24-year-old Hawks power forward will be providing fans and consumers who purchase $50 worth of “The Baptist” products a specialized signed poster. 

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Foot Locker x John Collins / Foot Locker

Collin’s, who grew up a Foot Locker devotee, had this to say about the partnership. 

 “It’s iconic, it brings awareness to the brand. Foot Locker gives The Baptist Line 100% credibility,” Collins said. “As a kid growing up, I always went to Foot Locker for the latest gear. Now I can see my line next to Adidas, Nike, and Jordan. It’s unbelievable.”

He also offered a few additional style tips and insight into what inspired this collection.

On inspiration Behind The Brand

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Foot Locker x John Collins / Foot Locker

“The Fans. As a rookie in Summer League, I had a few incredible dunks and when I watched the highlights later on that evening I heard one of the fans call me ‘John The Baptist.’ I liked it and I grew to love it. I believe dunking is a large part of my game and now I have the perfect name to represent my dunks.”

On How Consumers Should Style Their Baptist Pieces

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Foot Locker x John Collins / Foot Locker

“Have fun with and style it with their favorite sports apparel. Just represent The Baptist the best way they know how.”

On How The Collection Embodies John Off The Court

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Foot Locker x Atlanta / Foot Locker

“The collection is clean but powerful. Off the court I live a clean and healthy life but I continue to make a powerful impact on people's lives weather it's through donations or just giving back. It's also a way my fans can connect with me through fashion”

On How John Wants People To Feel While Wearing “The Baptist” Clothing

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Foot Locker x Atlanta / Foot Locker

“Proud to know that they are representing a person who truly loves the game and gives everything to his craft.”

Be sure to check out the full collection on January 4th.

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