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Those that do boxing training at home will often go straight to a standard punching bag to get their training in. While those are great and have a long list of benefits, there’s also a bunch of other equipment out there that can help you in ways a punching bag won’t. One of those is the double end bag, which can help with accuracy, timing, reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Even then though, different double end bags have different benefits so to help you make your choice, here are some of the best ones around.

How to pick the best double end bag for you

  • Consider size – Double end bags can come in anything from 6 to 9 inches. The general consensus is that beginners should go for a bigger size so that there’s a bigger target to hit at first, but depending on your level of experience, you could go for a smaller target and really refine those skills too.
  • Consider material – Double end bags are generally either genuine leather or PU leather. The former is considered the better material because it’s stronger and more durable, but it’s also harder to clean and more expensive.
  • Consider design – This doesn’t exactly have an impact on your training per se, but if you’re going to have a double end bag at home, you want something that fits in too.
  • Consider adjustability – If your double end bag allows you to adjust the height on it, that’s great because you can have it a little lower and work the body or even have the family try it out. Changing the tension on the cable also makes a difference to how quickly it moves and how easy or hard it is to hit.

1. BOXERPOINT Double End Bag Boxing Set

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Top Pick

This double end bag from BOXERPOINT comes with a carry bag, a pump, an instruction manual, a needle, ring locks, hooks, hand wraps and bungee cords—which is basically everything you could ever need when using one. For that reason, it’s a great beginner’s set. The bag itself is about 7 and a half inches wide and made from high quality PU material. The bungee cord adjusts for any ceiling height and any height you’d like to punch at. Keep in mind that because this is an inflatable bag, you might have to put more air into it before every session which can be annoying.


  • Comes with everything you need
  • Good adjustability
  • High quality material


  • Can deflate after a session
Buy now, $29.99

2. MaxxMMA Double End Ball

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Great Material

This double end bag from MaxxMMA has an outer shell of high grade synthetic leather and a latex bladder on the inside, which means it’s not totally hollow and feels like you’re really hitting a target. It weighs just 0.55 lbs and in the package comes the bag along with a hand pump, two wall mounts and two bungee cords. It’s also 8 inches, which makes it that much better for some light training or a beginner. In fact, some have stated that if you use the double end bag in long sessions or with too much power, its lack of durability could start to show, so keep that in mind.


  • Latex bladder inside
  • High quality PU leather
  • Comes with what you need


  • Pump can be weak
  • Not so durable for professionals
Buy now, $28.99

3. Brace Master Double End Punching Bag

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Great For Beginners

If you’re a total beginner, then you might need a bigger target while you get used to how a double end moves. If so, then this bag might be perfect for you because it has a diameter of 11.8”, which is massive compared to most other bags on the market. It’s also an inflatable bag, which means it won’t be too harsh on your hands and you won’t need as much power to move it at all. In terms of the build of the bag, the faux leather is good quality and importantly, so is the stitching. The pump that comes with the bag definitely could be better, so perhaps you’ll want to use your own.


  • Big target
  • Not harsh on the hands


  • Included pump is not great
Buy now, $32.99

4. Everlast Double End Striking Bag

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Great For Precision

Everlast is a trusted brand in sports training and especially boxing. Their double end striking bag is made from premium synthetic leather so whether you use gloves or just wear wraps over your hands to punch it, it should last a long time and be easy to wipe down. It’s also quite small, so it’s great for working precision. Some have stated that if you have high ceilings, the bungee cords can be a little short and might require creativity to use, but this shouldn’t be a problem for most.


  • Premium synthetic leather
  • Great for precision


  • Bungee cords can be short
Buy now, $28.95

5. PRIZE FORM Double End Punching Bag

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Also Consider

Last up is Brace Master’s double end bag which comes with two elastic cords, four carabiner clips, an air pump and even a nice gift box. There’s reinforced stitching, which is great for long term durability. It’s also available in both 7” and 9”, so you can pick whichever one is the best for your experience level. It’s made of genuine leather, which will require some extra care but is good quality. Do note that the elastic cords have proven to be too short for some.


  • Genuine leather
  • Good stitching
  • Good size options


  • Elastic cords can be too short for some
Buy now, $29.95
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