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You might be surprised how much depth your workouts can get with just one set of good dumbbells. Even if you’re just planning to work out from home, a good set of dumbbells, even of a very light weight, can enhance your workout a lot. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best dumbbells around.

How to pick the best dumbbells for you

  • Consider fixed vs. adjustable – Dumbbells can either be one weight and size, or you can get ones that allow you to add and remove disks to change the weight and even change the length of the bar. The latter will be pricier and require more work, but the payoff is some great versatility in your workouts and the option to have them more long term.
  • Consider material – Dumbbells are generally either metal or rubber. The former usually has a better grip but the latter are more likely to come in different colors and are safer for home because they won’t have a big impact if they’re dropped and won’t scratch the floor by just moving around.
  • Consider weight – Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need your dumbbells to be extremely heavy to get benefits from them. In fact, depending on your goal, dumbbells that are just 2lbs can be tough to use, with high reps. Figure out what you want the end result of your workouts to be and buy accordingly.

1. Sporzon! Dumbbell

1 18

Top Pick

This pair of dumbbells from Sporzon! is made from cast iron and coated in rubber. You get the benefit of a tough material with the soft outer coating that won’t scratch floors and is less likely to break something if dropped. The weights are in a hexagon shape, which means that they won’t roll around if placed on the floor. The grip has a solid metal chrome finish and is textured to fit the hand comfortably. There are options every 5lbs from 10lbs to 50lbs. Do keep in mind that the rubber can have a strong smell and if you smoke in the house, sometimes it can rub off on them.


  • Cast iron coated in rubber
  • Hexagon shape
  • Textured grip


  • Smell of rubber can be strong
Buy now, $54.99

2. FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbell

2 1


This dumbbell from FLYBIRD allows for the user to adjust its weight. To do so, you simply hold it on its tray and as you rotate the grip bar, the weights will increase and decrease. You can have it weigh as little as 5lbs and as much as 25lbs, while also having it at every 5lb interval in between. The weight itself is made with metal, but covered with frosted power coating, which means that there’s no smell or abrasion. The handle, despite being non-slip, isn’t adjustable itself, so you won’t be able to workout both arms at the same time with curls, for example.


  • Weight adjusts easily
  • Good quality


  • Bar isn’t adjustable
Buy now, $99.99

3. Amazon Basics Neoprene Dumbbell Set

3 4

Most Solid

This option comes with not one, not two but three pairs of dumbbells which are 5, 10 and 15lbs respectively, although you can pick the weights yourself. These dumbbells are rubber-coated cast iron and each pair comes in a different color, which is useful because it will make them stand out if you have a bunch of workout gear. If you’re worried about having three pairs of dumbbells on your floor, this option also comes with a pre-assembled steel stand which stores the dumbbells nicely. Some have reported that the rubber coating can flake off over the time if not stored properly.


  • Matching colors
  • Comes with stand


  • Coating can come off
Buy now, $49.99

4. RUNWE Adjustable Dumbbells Set

4 6

Most Convenient

If having options with your dumbbells is your biggest concern, look no further than this set from RUNWE. You can use the pair of dumbbells individually, but with a connecting rod, you can also connect them to create a barbell. Of course, the weight can also be adjusted by adding or removing disks. The set is made from a mixture of a high quality iron and sand mixture, the outer shell from an environmentally friendly PE material and the connecting rods from stainless steel. Be wary that they can loosen up after a lot of use, so tighten before using.


  • Adjustable weight and rod
  • Good quality materials


  • Can loosen up after use
Buy now, $139.99

5. Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells

5 10


Last up is this adjustable dumbbell set from Yes4All. The handle is textured chrome for a firm grip, there are star-lock collars with rubber trims which prevent slipping and the cast iron plates are covered with strong black paint. The adjustability here allows you to quickly change between dumbbells and barbells between sets and they’re also space efficient. Some have found that the weights can be very slightly off by some ounces so if you’re particular about that, perhaps weigh them and remember what they are.


  • Great adjustability
  • Good quality product
  • Strong paint won’t come off


  • Weights can be off by a few ounces
Buy now, $59.23

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