The 30 Best NFL Players of All-Time

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The NFL has produced some of the best athletes in professional sports. Some of the best talents have come through and made their mark on the league. There are great quarterbacks on this list, but the top players span all positions including some of the top pass rushers, wide receivers and running backs as well.

The top players all made huge impacts in revolutionizing the game, producing on the field and winning games at a high clip. From Jerry Rice to Walter Payton, here’s a look at the 30 best NFL players of all-time.

1. Jerry Rice

2. Tom Brady

3. Jim Brown

4. Lawrence Taylor

5. Peyton Manning

6. Reggie White

7. Joe Montana

8. Walter Payton

9. Ray Lewis

10. Dick Butkus

11. Johnny Unitas

12. Joe Greene

13. Randy Moss

14. Ronnie Lott

15. Deacon Jones

16. John Elway

17. Gale Sayers

18. Anthony Munoz

19. Otto Graham

20. Brett Favre

21. Deion Sanders

22. Drew Brees

23. Dan Marino

24. Bruce Smith

25. Terrell Owens

26. Emmitt Smith

27. Barry Sanders

28. Jack Lambert

29. Sammy Baugh

30. Don Hutson

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