The 5 Best NFL Thanksgiving Performances

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(Photo by John Biever/Sports Illustrated via Getty Images)

So you're wondering who had the best NFL Thanksgiving performances? Pass the gravy, open that can of cranberry sauce (the GOAT turkey day side) and buckle up, because we've got you covered!

Thanksgiving Day has long been a cherished tradition in the United States, marked by family gatherings, feasting, and, of course, football. For NFL fans, Thanksgiving means a special triple-header of games, featuring some of the league's most memorable performances. Over the years, there have been numerous iconic moments and outstanding individual efforts that have left a lasting mark on this holiday.

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Today, we'll explore some of the best NFL performances on Thanksgiving, highlighting the players and games that have made this day a football spectacle for generations of fans to enjoy. From record-breaking feats to unforgettable comebacks, Thanksgiving football has provided a stage for some of the sport's greatest moments.

Here are the five greatest performances on Thanksgiving (hint: you will NOT see Leon Lett on this list!):

1. Randy Moss

2. Peyton Manning

3. Barry Sanders

4. O.J. Simpson

5. Tony Romo

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