The Most Rookie Rushing Yards in NFL History

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So you're wondering who had the most rookie rushing yards? We've got you covered!

The start of the NFL season is like Christmas morning for many in the United States. It feels therapeutic to sit on the couch to watch seven hours of uninterrupted football, sweating parlays, and yelling at rostered fantasy players to pick it up. The start of the NFL season is a much different signal for the actual players.

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The mark of a new NFL season is a clean slate, any mistakes of seasons passed is erased and players have the opportunity to shine. For rookies, this is their first shot at making a name for themselves in professional football. Some rookies have hit the ground running and others... not so much.

Here are the five NFL rookies who had the most rushing yards in their first year in NFL history:

1. Eric Dickerson: 1,808 Rushing Yards

2. George Rogers: 1,674 Rushing Yards

3. Ezekiel Elliot: 1,631 Rushing Yards

4. Alfred Morris: 1,613 Rushing Yards

5. Ottis Anderson: 1,605 Rushing Yards

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