The 8 Greatest Spear Users in Wrestling

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Ask anyone that watches football what gets them to jump out of their seat and they’ll give you multiple answers - the game-winning touchdowns, the end zone victory dances, and successful plays that gain tons of yardage will most likely be among them.

Another aspect of the gridiron sport that makes fans go wild is its unrelenting physicality. A whole room of football fans will wince and lift their knees up simultaneously at the sight of a player getting knocked silly by a devastating leaping tackle. The same can be said about wrestling fans whenever they witness someone getting cut in half by the infamous signature move known as the Spear.

Once a wrestler gets down on all fours, runs full steam ahead, and cuts right through their opponent's midsection, you’re bound to get excited about what you just witnessed. Today’s wrestling landscape is filled with men and women that rely on that move to get the job done. But there’s only a select few that pull off that move with perfect precision and make it look as devastating as possible.

We just so happened to have found eight of them and are here to remind you all of who exactly are the masters of the Spear maneuver in all of professional wrestling.

1. Goldberg

2. Rhyno

3. Bobby Lashley

4. Roman Reigns

5. Big E

6. Mil Muertes

7. Ricky Starks

8. Kaitlyn

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