What Is The Closest Super Bowl Ever?

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The Super Bowl has witnessed numerous thrilling and closely contested matchups throughout its storied history. The closest margins of victory in Super Bowl history have often provided fans with unforgettable moments of suspense, drama, and sheer excitement. These nail-biting encounters showcase the intense competition and the fine line between triumph and heartbreak in the quest for the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy. For a list of teams with the most Super Bowls all time, check out this article.

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From legendary quarterback duels to defensive battles, the closest Super Bowl games have transcended the sport, becoming cultural phenomena that capture the attention of millions worldwide. The outcomes of these tightly fought contests are etched into the annals of football history, celebrated for the skill, determination, and resilience displayed by the competing teams. Some legendary players seem to take the field year in and year out, city to city, helping to build their legacy under the bright lights.

Here is a breakdown of the closest Super Bowls in NFL history.

Has A Super Bowl Ever Gone To Overtime?

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  • Super Bowl LI
  • Final Score: New England Patriots 34 - Atlanta Falcons 28
  • Location: NRG Stadium, Houston,
  • MVP: Tom Brady

In the entire history of the Super Bowl, only one game has ever gone into overtime. Super Bowl 51 took place on February 5, 2017, at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. The game featured the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. The Patriots trailed the Falcons 28-3 in the third quarter and the game looked all but over. That was until Tom Brady and the Patriots completed the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, tying the game and sending it to overtime.

In overtime, the Patriots won the coin toss, and Tom Brady orchestrated a drive down the field. The game-winning touchdown came in the form of a two-yard run by running back James White, securing New England a 34-28 victory over the Falcons. Tom Brady was named the Super Bowl MVP for his outstanding performance, completing 43 of 62 passes for 466 yards and two touchdowns.

Closest Super Bowl By Margin

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  • Super Bowl XXV
  • Final Score: New York Giants 20 - Buffalo Bills 19
  • Location: Tampa Stadium, Tampa
  • MVP: Ottis Anderson

Super Bowl XXV took place on January 27, 1991, at Tampa Stadium in Tampa, Florida. The most notable aspect of Super Bowl XXV was its dramatic and close nature, as well as the historical significance it holds. The game is perhaps best remembered for the final moments and the pressure-packed conclusion.

The New York Giants, led by head coach Bill Parcells and quarterback Jeff Hostetler, faced off against the high-powered Buffalo Bills, featuring quarterback Jim Kelly and the "K-Gun" no-huddle offense.

The Giants managed to control the time of possession, employing a ball-control strategy to keep the potent Bills offense off the field. Buffalo had a chance to tie or win the game in the final moments. Down 20-19, the Bills attempted a 47-yard field goal with just eight seconds left in the game. Scott Norwood, the Bills' kicker, missed the attempt, and the Giants secured a 20-19 victory, the smallest margin of victory in Super Bowl history.

Super Bowls Won By 3 Or Less

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  • Super Bowl LVII: Kansas City Chiefs 38 - Philadelphia Eagles 35
  • Super Bowl LVI: Los Angeles Rams 23 - Cincinnati Bengals 30
  • Super Bowl XLVII: Baltimore Ravens 34 - San Francisco 49ers 31
  • Super Bowl XLII: New York Giants 17 - New England Patriots 14
  • Super Bowl XXXIX: New England Patriots 24 - Philadelphia Eagles 21
  • Super Bowl XXXVIII: New England Patriots 32 - Carolina Panthers 29
  • Super Bowl XXXVI: New England Patriots 20 - St.Louis Rams 17
  • Super Bowl V: Baltimore Colts 16 - Dallas Cowboys 13
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