Big Game Venue: What City Has Hosted The Most Super Bowls?

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There is no single sporting event in the United States as big as the Super Bowl. Every year millions of Americans spend thousands and thousands of dollars throwing parties, preparing food, and gathering in masses to cheer on the NFL's annual championship game. If you are wondering which hometowns have gotten to celebrate the game with a little more spectacle, you might ask the question: what city has hosted the most Super Bowls?

The location of that big-game, unlike many other professional sports, has nothing to do with the actual two teams that are playing. Years before the actual season begins, a city is selected to host the Super Bowl. To read about the largest stadiums in the United States, check out this article. Some cities have gotten the Super Bowl treatment more than others, with others never having hosted the big game even once. Here, we'll break down for you which cities have had the most Lombardi Trophies hoisted on their soil.

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Where Will Future Super Bowls Be Hosted?

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Although the 2024 Super Bowl is right around the corner, we know the locations of the next three Super Bowls after this years. In 2025 the Super Bowl will go back to Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, 2026 will be at Levi's Stadium for the third ever San Francisco Super Bowl, and finally in 2027 the Super Bowl heads back to the futuristic stadium that is SoFi in Los Angeles.

T-1. Miami: 11 Super Bowls Hosted

T-1. New Orleans: 11 Super Bowls Hosted

3. Los Angeles: 9 Super Bowls Hosted

4. Tampa: 5 Super Bowls Hosted

5. Phoenix: 4 Super Bowls Hosted

6. San Diego: 3 Super Bowls Hosted

7. Houston: 3 Super Bowls Hosted

8. Atlanta: 3 Super Bowls Hosted

9. San Francisco: 3 Super Bowls Hosted

10. Detroit: 2 Super Bowls Hosted

11. Minneapolis: 2 Super Bowls Hosted

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