A Courtside Look at Confirmed360 and the Warriors MVP Experience

Dub Nation are you ready?

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There’s a good percentage of us in the world who are fans of a sports team, but in reality, there’s not a lot of us who are able to attend multiple games a season for those teams that we are fans of. So if you’re only to get one game a year, you might as well make it an MVP experience right? That’s exactly what Confirmed360, an elite curator of coveted experiences and unparalleled access to live events and entertainment, is here to do. To give fans the ultimate MVP Experience.

Having already mastered live events for some of the biggest entertainers in the world, Confirmed360 is making their way over to the sports industry, and who better to start with the reigning champs and dynasty that is the Golden State Warriors? This is how it’s going down.

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All Warriors fans have access to purchase this premium experience as an add-on to their regular game-day ticket, and after the game, guests will be able to participate in: A “Splash Challenge” on Chase Center’s court where they will have 45 seconds to make as many shots as possible, with points being awarded for each basket made depending on the location of the shot, and scores will be tallied with opportunities for the highest scorers to win exclusive prizes including a Warriors team road trip.

We spoke with the Head of Partnerships & Biz Dev, Jose A. Martinez Jr. from the Confirmed360 team to learn more about what is in store.

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ONE37pm: Awesome to be chatting with you guys! Let’s first start by talking about the early workings of Confirmed360, and what the brand is for those being introduced for the first time through this article.

Martinez Jr.: Confirmed360 was built on an idea to provide personalized VIP concierge service to clients that want to experience the top music, sports, and entertainment events in the most unique ways possible and with the best level of access imaginable. This began with our Founder and CEO Matt Ampolsky recognizing this hole in the industry as early as his college years. Since that time, Confirmed360 has worked with loyal clients who utilize our services for all of their entertainment needs and we expanded into artist services working with some of the biggest artists in the world like BTS, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber to create official VIP Experiences for their best fans.

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ONE37pm: What is the Confirmed360 experience like? What makes it so unique?

Martinez Jr: For Confirmed360 customers the unique experience is in the lack of limitations of what we can provide and the level of service they can expect. We pride ourselves in expanding our clients expectations of what it is to attend a live event. Our team strives to introduce them to experiences they didn’t know existed at events they’re attending for the first time, or enhance the experience of an event they’ve attended before. From a service perspective, every client has a personal executive to tend to their needs which gives them an old school level of service that’s significantly lacking nowadays.

In a time where it’s a struggle to get quick responses or get a hold of someone over the phone, our clients can communicate with us before, during, or after events at their preference whether it be text, call, email, or social.

ONE37pm: Now I understand that you all have recently added sports to the Confirmed360 lineup. Could you talk a little bit more about that decision?

Martinez Jr: Sports has always been in high demand for our clients so we’ve continuously provided services around major sporting events but we’ve taken that to a new level by  becoming the official experience provider to the Golden State Warriors and Chase Center. The partnership was an ideal match to expand our expertise from artist services in the music space to creating one-of-a-kind experiences for sports teams and venues and most importantly, their fans. The Warriors were an ideal match for Confirmed360 given their championship culture on and off the court as well as their forward-thinking and fan first approach to the game day experience.

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ONE37pm: Okay, now let’s get into this MVP Experience with the Golden State Warriors. Can you walk our readers through exactly what this entails?

Martinez Jr: A core goal of our CEO Matt Ampolsky is to push the boundaries of live event access to experiences traditionally not allowed before and he felt that an opportunity to shoot on the court where the greatest shooter of all time calls home was the holy grail for Dubs and NBA fans. The Warriors were on board with this vision as they felt Dub Nation are their MVP’s and from there the concept for the MVP Experience was created.The MVP Experience is an opportunity for fans to add to their game day and feel like the MVP for a day. They live out their dreams of playing on the Chase Center court by participating in the Splash Challenge immediately after the game. 

The Splash Challenge is a shooting competition where guests race the shot clock to score as many points as possible and can win prizes like a team road trip and signed memorabilia. Before the game, they are treated to a VIP reception where they can try on the Championship ring, take photos with the NBA Championship Trophy, and receive a Warriors Gift Bag including a Warriors Shop Gift Card.

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ONE37pm: Alright, we’re closing out 2022 and heading into 2023. What’s on the horizon that you can talk about

Martinez Jr: We’re going to continue to be active in creating new experiences for our clients and our partners. We’re having plenty of discussions with some of the most coveted teams, venues, and artists in sports, music, and entertainment that want to elevate their fans’ event day experiences. We plan on continuing to push the boundaries of access that fans are accustomed to at their favorite events.

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Cool right? Tickets can be purchased by Space is limited, as the experience accommodates up to 30 guests per game. Those interested in the experience can also join the waitlist and learn more at A portion of all MVP Experience proceeds will be donated to the Warriors Community Foundation, an organization that supports education and youth development to promote thriving students, schools and communities. Have fun!

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