Why You Should Be Watching This Youtube Boxing Event

(Via Hannah Scherwatzky / ONE37pm)

If you’ve ever watched a youtube/influencer boxing event you’ve probably thought the same thing. These guys look like they have no idea what they are doing and why is there so much fake beef? These events are usually hyped up with press conferences where opponents will wager tattoos or in some cases lump sums of money. Reformed troll and meme connoisseur Idubbbz has transformed the youtube boxing scene by putting together an event that dismisses both these recurring issues. Here’s why Creator Clash is a youtube boxing event you should be watching.

On May 14th, some of the biggest names on youtube took to Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida for the first ever Creator Clash. In most youtube boxing events, the emphasis is always on who is fighting. Creator Clash however wanted to put the focus on boxing itself. They went through a long vetting process to ensure that those who competed would train properly and be in shape for a full exhibition fight. In turn, the event was a huge success selling out over 10,000 in-person tickets and raising over $1.3 million dollars for charity. Here are the most memorable moments of the night.

Graham Stephen vs. Michael Reeves

Minx vs. Yodeling Haley

Harley of Epic Meal Time vs. Arin Hanson of Game Grumps

Idubbbz vs. Dr.Mike

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