Surfers and Wakeboarders Agree, Driftline Wetsuits Shred

How Driftline is changing wetsuits

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From New York to San Diego to Shark Tank: Driftline is on its way.

I’ve been around surf culture for my entire life, minus a few years in college. I take a serious amount of pride in being tapped into the culture of Southern California, and for a few months now — I’ve been hearing about Driftline. So I decided to investigate.  

And my conclusion is that what Driftline is doing is so rad.

Born from a true entrepreneurial beginning, Driftline is creating swim trunks that contain a wetsuit lining underneath. It is the beach-look of the summer, with the feel of a spring or fall surf session. And the man who started it all, Wes Horbatuck

In 2015, Horbatuck made the move from New York, where he lived for five years, to California. “I was always a water guy," he says. "On the east coast, it wasn’t super easy. Every (surf) break was like 45 minutes from my house… AND not every day is good. So to be a surfer over there, it wasn’t easy.” 

I met up with Wes Horbatuck in Encinitas to talk about how Driftline got to where it is today.

Appearing on Shark Tank

Horbatuck: There were so many people who said to go on. So I said fuck it, and applied. All of last year was the process of getting through interviews, sending interviews and pitches. Finally ended up in the fall of last year, and we got the nod that we would be on.

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