The World Surf League Is Creating The "Super Bowl of Surf"

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2021 was already a massive year for the sport of surfing. For the first time ever, surfing was included in the Olympic games. The event was a huge success and brought more eyes to the sport than ever before. Well, that largely successful year for surfing just got bigger.

Surfing now has its own "Super Bowl" moment.

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World Surf League

In the past, the World Surf League has formatted its competition to a more historically normal point system. But for the first time ever, that is changing.

After having its schedule impacted drastically by the pandemic in 2020, the World Surf League is stoked to bring back the epic competition in 2021. This year, both the men's and women's champions will be determined on the same day...

And here might be the best part:

Both champions will be earning equal prize money.

This is a historic and game-changing event for the WSL.

Two gold medalists are competing in the event, with surfers coming from the United States, Brazil, Australia, and France. The field consists of the "Final 5." The top five surfers in the world for both men and women, going toe to toe, to figure out who is the best surfer in the world.

The 'Super Bowl of Surf" is being held in one of the biggest and most legendary surfing spots in all of Southern California, Lower Trestles in San Clemente. The tournament is held over the course of two weeks, but reserves days for competition when the waves are at the most prime.

If you want to check out the action, the World Surf League is broadcasting the event on its website, Youtube, and on the WSL app. This is going to be sick.

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