Floyd Mayweather's 15 Best Knockouts and Performances, Ranked

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Floyd Mayweather.

He might be the most discussed name in boxing history and at the end of the day, what is the name of the game? 

To hit and don’t get hit. And there was no one better at the “game” of boxing than Floyd Mayweather. 

We look back at the 15 best performances and knockouts in the career of Floyd Mayweather. 

Honorable Mentions

15) Miguel Cotto

14) Zab Judah

13) Sharmba Mitchell

12) Marcos Maidana 2

11) Shane Mosley

The Best of the Best

10) Manny Pacquiao

9) Jose Luis Castillo 2

8) Jesus Chavez

7) Juan Manuel Marquez

6) Emanuel Augustus

5) Ricky Hatton

4) Genaro Hernandez

3) Canelo Alvarez

2) Diego Corrales

1) Arturo Gatti

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