Guide To Pickleball Rankings

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Playing a new sport is extremely exciting and with pickleball's growth in the United States many players are picking it up.

Pickleball is one of the most accessible sports.

One question that can be difficult to answer though is where a new player would fall in the pickleball rankings.

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For that reason, there are various skill ratings systems in place to help new players establish where they stand.

Additionally, established professionals and other serious players can track their progress.

ONE37pm looks at some of the ways to track pickleball rankings and the differences between some of the levels.

USA Pickleball Skill Ratings

In pickleball, the vast majority of players fall under a pickleball ratings scale of 1.0 through 5.0.

Players can achieve higher than a 5.0 by competing and succeeding in high-level competitions.

1.0 players are considering beginners and often don't have the necessary background to compete against top players.

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Players that rise to a 3.0 or higher are expected to be proficient serving and returning the ball.

Players should also know all the rules of pickleball, including important ones pertaining to The Kitchen.

5.0 players are advanced and can hold long rallies and control pickleball points with ease.

Players can win points with their forehand and backhand strokes, while also having strong net play.

How Do I Get A Rating?

Establishing a rating can be difficult early on as a player, especially when you don't feel comfortable playing in tournaments.

There are simple solutions though.

Players can self rate themselves based on how they play against fellow players in a more relaxed environments.

It's important to be accurate and honest when self rating because it only benefits the player.

Professional players have their rankings updated regularly when competing in tournaments.

That is something that many new pickleball players want to aspire towards in their careers.

DUPR Ratings

DUPR stands for Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating. It is the leading system used for player rankings.

This scale differs from traditional pickleball rankings. It ranges from 2.000 and 8.000.

The formula doesn't change based on a player's age, gender or skill.

DUPR uses a player's last 30 singles matches and previous 60 doubles matches to establish a rating.

The system takes points won, winning and losing and match quality into account.

For example, sanctioned tournaments will earn players more clout than a recreational match.

Players can enter any result into DUPR to help progress their rankings.

DUPR traditionally updates its ratings on a weekly basis.

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