The Five Highest Paid NFL Players in 2023

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It goes without saying that many professional athletes have huge salaries, but who are the highest paid NFL players? Let's get in to it!

Around the world we're seeing professional sports contracts reach new heights. Whether it be Messi's massive haul to come play soccer in Miami, or a record setting deal to keep your franchise quarterback in town, top-tier athletes are acquiring generational wealth.

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In the NFL specifically, we are seeing players hit record-breaking numbers on contracts as football continues to grow in popularity.

Here is a breakdown of the five highest paid NFL players in 2023.

1. Lamar Jackson - $52 million

2. Jalen Hurts- $51 Million

3. Aaron Rodgers- $50.3 Million

4. Russell Wilson- $48.5 Million

5. Kyler Murray- $46.1 Million

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