The Highest Scoring Games in NBA History 

(Via Getty Images)

As the great Mark Jackson says "It's a make or miss league" and it seems as though today players can't miss. As defensive players are punished significantly now for playing any ounce of physical defense, league scoring has steadily increased. Since 2013-2014 league average for scoring eclipsed 100 points and hasn't dipped since.


With the average league scoring increasing each season, you'd expect the single-game record for most points to be recent, but the opposite proves to be true. Of the top five highest scoring games ever, four take place before 1991. Here is the list of the ten highest scoring NBA games ever.

1.) Denver Nuggets 184 - Detroit Pistons 186

2.) San Antonio Spurs 171 - Milwaukee Bucks 166

3.) Chicago Bulls 168 - Atlanta Hawks 161

4.) Golden State Warriors 162 - Denver Nuggets 158

5.) Denver Nuggets 163 - San Antonio Spurs 155

6.) Phoenix Suns 161 - New Jersey Nets 157

7.) Houston Rockets 159 - Washington Wizards 158

8.) Philadelphia Warriors 169 - New York Knicks 147

9.) Cincinnati Royals 165 - San Diego Rockets 151

10.) Phoenix Suns 173 - Denver Nuggets 143

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