Elton's Keith Lee in AEW Dream Matches

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1. Adam Page

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It's only right that Lee goes head to head with one of AEW's main event pillars! Adam Page has risen through the ranks of the company and fought hard to claim the company's top prize in the AEW Championship. His body of work has shown that he's capable of producing good to great matches with just about anybody, no matter their size. One of his most memorable bouts is his Ring of Honor Final Battle 2018 encounter with Jeff Cobb, so I just know Page has it in him to produce another in-ring classic with a man similar to Cobb's behemoth stature. I can already imagine Lee countering Page's Buckshot Lariat by lifting him right up into position for a Spirit Bomb!

2. Brody King


AEW is starting to build out its roster with some of the best big men in the business. One of those talented brutes is The House of Black's tatted-up destroyer Brody King. King has thrown his weight around to compete with the likes of JD Drake, WALTER, and Tomohiro Ishii. But shockingly, I've never seen Brody go to war with Lee on the indies! AEW has both those giants under their umbrella, so now's the perfect time to throw them on PPV and allow them to deliver a big-man war for the ages. The war of devastating chops these two could produce would be immense!

3. Kenny Omega


Anyone that comes into AEW most likely has a task they want to fulfill before their tenure there comes to a close. And that's wrestle the company's #1 wrestling machine, Kenny Omega. Omega is currently out getting himself back into fighting shape due to a litany of injuries he accrued over the years. Once he comes back, I'm sure he'll want to lock horns with all the fresh faces that have been signed in his absence. Watching Lee put his power-based offense against Omega's hybrid striking/grappling style is the sort of match that would do big numbers if it ever took place at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in NYC! A refreshed Omega versus a ready & willing Lee sounds like money to me.

4. Lance Archer

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"The Murderhawk Monster" may not appear on AEW Dynamite and Rampage enough for my tastes. But when he does, I'm always highly entertained by everything he's involved in. His most recent Texas Deathmatch with Adam Page and his IWGP United States Championship brawl with Jon Moxley both provided some hardcore mayhem that was highly enjoyable. I'd love to see Lee test himself in a weapons-filled brawl against Archer - I'm sure it would tear the house down. The sight of Lee pouncing Archer into a table would blow the roof off the place, I'm sure!

5. Luchasaurus

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One thing's for certain - the AEW fans love 'em some Luchasaurus! Just listen to the crowd reaction whenever Jungle Boy gives the big guy a hot tag and lets him run wild for proof of that statement. I'm dying to see this man get a singles run at some point and I think he's perfectly capable of doing some awesome things on his own. Luchasuarus is another big boy in modern-day wrestling whose shockingly agile, which would make for the perfect toolset to challenge Lee with. This dream match would leave plenty of folks' jaws on the floor due to the outlandish agility and high-flying skills both men would put on display.

6. Miro

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Ever since Miro ditched his "Best Man" persona and decided to go all-in on his role as the "Redeemer," he's morphed into the very best version of his post-WWE self. His reign as TNT Champion was legendary and I'm dying to see what he does next once he pops back up on my screen. Miro needs to maintain his unbridled viciousness and put it up against many of AEW's latest signees, including Lee. Seeing those two heavyweight killers step into the ring to test their mettle against each other is a very exciting prospect I'd love to see come to fruition.

7. Powerhouse Hobbs

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Powerhouse Hobbs is in the building stages of his AEW career. He's getting more comfortable in the ring and starting to figure it all out as he plays the part of the domineering strongman. To see him take on CM Punk in 2021 pointed to his immense promise as a future champion in Tony Khan's wrestling wonderland. One of the best ways to continue helping him improve and gain even more notoriety is by pitting him against a very game Lee. This veteran vs. young gunner scenario would do wonders for both men and give the whole "Black Wrestling Draws" movement another awesome performance to champion.

8. Wardlow

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Wardlow's another one of those up-and-coming AEW stars that's a homegrown talent worth watching. Once he finally drops MJF and steps away from The Pinnacle, I'm sure he'll quickly rise to the top as one of AEW's biggest babyfaces. Wardlow definitely has it in him to create some in-ring greatness with someone of Lee's massive size. I already know I'd lose my mind as both men get into a shoulder block war where they both don't go down for most of their match's opening moments! I'm not too sure Wardlow can get Lee up for a powerbomb, but I'm certain Lee can launch Wardlow into the air with a devastating Big Bang Catastrophe or drop him with a Spirit Bomb.

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