Pass The Rock: The 5 Players With The Most Assists in NBA History

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Basketball is a rare team sport where one single player can have a big enough impact to completely sway the outcome of the game. Players like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, all could effect the game scoring wise to the point that winning is inevitable. There are other players who have the same effect, but by passing the ball.

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The NBA may be position-less today, but throughout its history having a solid point guard who can actively work the ball to open scorers was not only pivotal, but necessary. Whether it's Magic Johnson, John Stockton, or Mo Cheeks, the NBA's point guards have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the league. Here are the five players with the most assist in NBA history.

1. John Stockton: 15,806 (10.5 per game)

2.) Jason Kidd: 12,091 (8.7 per game)

3.) Chris Paul: 11,499 (9.5 per game)

4. LeBron James: 10,401 (7.3 per game)

5. Steve Nash: 10,335 (8.5 per game)

Who rounds out the top 10 for most assists in NBA history?

  1. Mark Jackson - 10,334 (8.0)
  2. Magic Johnson - 10,141 (11.2)
  3. Oscar Robertson - 9,887 (9.5)
  4. Isiah Thomas - 9,061 (9.3)
  5. Russell Westbrook - 8,984 (8.4)
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