Who are the Tallest NBA Players? Looking at the Biggest Current and All-Time Hoopers

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Are you wondering who the tallest NBA players of all-time are? Let's dive in to it!

There is no denying that the history of the NBA is built on the backs of their big men. When the game was first introduced to the world, people were mystified to see seven-foot tall giants sprinting around the court and dominating the rim. If your favorite team is lucky enough to land a dominant center, it could jump start a championship run that could last for years!

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From old school bigs who have made our list of the best NBA centers of all time, like Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell, to the more modern human skyscrapers like Shaquille O'Neal and Yao Ming, NBA fans can't get enough of a great center. Once in a blue moon however, an athlete enters the NBA that towers over the rest.

Here is a look at the past and current tallest NBA players.

Tallest Active Players

1. Boban Marjanović - 7'4"

2. Victor Wembanyama- 7'4"

3. Kristaps Porzingis - 7'3"

4. Bol Bol - 7'2"

5. Moses Brown - 7'2"

Tallest NBA Players Ever

T-1. Gheorghe Muresan - 7'7"

T-1. Manute Bol - 7'7"

T-3. Tacko Fall - 7'6"

T-3. Slavko Vraneš - 7'6"

T-3. Shawn Bradley - 7'6"

T-3. Yao Ming - 7'6"

T-7. Sim Bhullar - 7'5"

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