The Most Passing Touchdowns in a Single NFL Season

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So, you're wondering who has the most passing touchdowns in a single NFL season? Let's get in to it!

NFL quarterbacks are often considered the face of American football and are among the most recognizable and influential figures in sports. These highly skilled and strategically vital players are the leaders of their respective teams, responsible for orchestrating offensive plays, making split-second decisions, and delivering pinpoint accuracy on their passes downfield. As the heart and soul of an NFL team's offense, quarterbacks hold a unique position of responsibility and prestige within the league.

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Every once in a generation, a quarterback will have a season that completely rewrites the record book. Here's who threw the most passing touchdowns in a single NFL season.

1. Peyton Manning

2. Tom Brady

3. Patrick Mahomes

4. Peyton Manning

5. Aaron Rodgers

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