Buckets: Players with the Most Threes in an NBA Season

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So you're wondering who's hit the most threes in an NBA season? Let's get in to it!

If someone who hasn’t watched a NBA game in a couple of decades were to watch a game today, they would probably be surprised by a few things. Probably the most shocking change would be the lack of dominant centers and the overwhelming importance of the three-point shot. It’s crazy to think about, but before 1979, the three-pointer wasn’t even a thing in the NBA. Now, teams win games by having clutch three-point shooters on their team, and it's hard to imagine the game without it. 

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A couple of name appear on the most threes in a season leaderboard quite a few times. One such player is someone who is widely considered to be one of the best shooters to ever enter the NBA. Steph Curry has changed the emphasis on the three-point shot even more. He often makes it look easy, and to put it all into perspective, Curry is in his 15th season in the NBA, and he's appeared in the top five for threes in a season ten times.

But Curry is not the only player who has had multiple seasons that have broken into the top of the leaderboard for three-point shots. Keep reading to see a breakdown of the players who have had the most threes in a season.

1. Steph Curry

2. Ray Allen

3. James Harden

4. Reggie Miller

5. Larry Bird

6. Michael Adams

7. Dan Majerle

8. Klay Thompson

9. Buddy Hield

10. Damian Lillard

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