NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champs: It's Slamma Jamma Time!

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Are you wondering who all of the NBA Slam Dunk contest champs are and who's competing in the 2023 Slam Dunk contest? We have you covered!

All-star weekends in professional sports are... interesting. In some sports, like the NFL, the Pro Bowl is now just a flag football game that most people don't pay attention to. However, NBA All-Star Weekend is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year.

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One of the highlights of the weekend is the Slam Dunk Contest. Here are the 2023 competitors and everything else you need to know about the high-flyin', rim-rockin' battle!

2023 Dunk Contest Candidates

Trey Murphy III - New Orleans Pelicans

Trey Murphy III is a second-year forward out of Virginia. He has more than doubled his points per game total this season, with a lot of those buckets coming at the rim.

Kenyon Martin Jr. - Houston Rockets

K-Mart Jr. has had high expectations since the day he entered his league being that his father was an NBA great. One thing the father and son have in common is that they can fly high and slam down some intense dunks.

Jericho Sims - New York Knicks

Jericho Sims was called in as a late sub for this years dunk contest, but he is more than just a replacement. Sims went viral a number of times in high school for insane dunks that saw his head eclipse the rim.

Mac McClung - NBA G League

Mac McClung has been known as a dunker since his high school days, constantly going viral for insane in-game dunks. McClung bounced around the league and currently plays in the G-League, but still possess other worldly athleticism.

Most Dunk Contest Championships

The NBA has been showcasing its dunk contest since 1976, and some dunkers have hoisted the trophy more than others. These are the NBA players who have won multiple dunk contests:

1.) Nate Robinson - 3 time winner

It might come as a shock but the winningest dunk contest participant of all-time is 5'9" guard Nate Robinson. He won his first contest in 2006 and followed that up with back-to-back titles in 2009-2010. "Nate the Great" will always be remembered as one of the greatest undersized dunkers

2.) Michael Jordan - 2 time winner

Of course the GOAT finds his way on the all-time dunk contest championship list, the man just refuses to lose! Jordan won back-to-back contests in 1987-1988 where he famously dunked from the free-throw line.

3.) Dominique Wilkins - 2 time winner

You have to be able to do some pretty ridiculous things in the air to earn the nick name "The Human Highlight Reel", and Nique' did just that. Wilkins is one of the NBA's greatest athletes and has two dunk contest titles to show for it.

4.) Harold Miner - 2 time winner

Some don't remember it, but there was a time that Harold Miner dominated the dunking game in the NBA. "Baby Jordan" took home the 1993 and 1995 dunk titles with ease.

5.) Jason Richardson - 2 time winner

Jason Richardson gave us two of the greatest individual dunk contest performances of all-time in 2002-2003. Richardson had some unbelievable dunks throughout both and solidified his spot in dunk contest history.

6.) Zach Lavine - 2 time winner

Before the 2015 competition, the NBA dunk contest was becoming something of a snooze fest. That's when Zach Lavine came onto the scene and changed everything. We may never see Lavine in a dunk contest again but he has given us plenty of entertainment.

Ever Dunk Contest Winner

1984: Larry Nance

1985: Dominique Wilkins

1986: Spud Webb

1987: Michael Jordan

1988: Michael Jordan

1989: Kenny Walker

1990: Dominique Wilkins

1991: Dee Brown

1992: Cedric Ceballos

1993: Harold Miner

1994: Isaiah Rider

1995: Harold Miner

1996: Brent Barry

1997: Kobe Bryant

2000: Vince Carter

2001: Desmond Mason

2002: Jason Richardson

2003: Jason Richardson

2004: Fred Jones

2005: Josh Smith

2006: Nate Robinson

2007: Gerald Green

2008: Dwight Howard

2009: Nate Robinson

2010: Nate Robinson

2011: Blake Griffin

2012: Jeremy Evans

2013: Terrence Ross

2014: John Wall

2015: Zach Lavine

2016: Zach Lavine

2017: Glen Robinson III

2018: Donovan Mitchell

2019: Hamidou Diallo

2020: Derrick Jones Jr.

2021: Anfernee Simons

2022: Obi Toppin

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