The Best Dunker in the NBA: Ranking the League's All-Time Highest Flyers

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The game of basketball is so beautiful because of how fluid the game is played. Like in soccer, the game is a constant back-and-forth motion of sprinting and creativity to put a ball in a net. In the NBA, we see that creativity pushed to its limits when the leagues high flyers go up to show their skill.

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From Vince Carter jumping and clearing seven foot defenders in the olympics to Michael Jordan dunking from the free throw line in the dunk contest, the NBA has had its fair share of dunkers. Here is our list of the 20 best dunkers in NBA history.

20.) Aaron Gordon

Notable dunk: 2016 dunk contest

19.) Tracy McGrady

Notable dunk: Poster on Kornél Dávid

18.) Dwyane Wade

Notable dunk: Poster on Anderson Varejao

17.) Scottie Pippen

Notable dunk: Poster on Patrick Ewing

16.) J.R. Smith

Notable dunk: Poster against Spurs

15.) LeBron James

Notable dunk: Alley-oop from Dwyane Wade

14.) Blake Griffin

Notable dunk: Poster on Pau Gasol

13.) Jason Richardson

Notable dunk: 2002 and 2003 dunk contests

12.) Zach Lavine

Notable dunk: 2015 and 2016 dunk contests

11.) Andre Iguodala

Notable dunk: Playoff posters

10.) Gerald Green

Notable dunk: Windmill lob

9.) Clyde Drexler

Notable dunk: Dunk on Isiah Thomas in NBA Finals

8.) David Thompson

Notable dunk: Poster on Bobby Jones

7.) Darryl Dawkins

Notable dunk: Breaking the backboard

6.) Kobe Bryant

Notable dunk: Poster against the Nets

5.) Shawn Kemp

Notable dunk: Dunk on Alton Lister

4.) Dominique Wilkins

Notable dunk: Putback dunk against the Celtics

3.) Julius Erving

Notable dunk: 1976 ABA Dunk Contest

2.) Michael Jordan

Notable dunk: 1988 Slam Dunk Contest

1.) Vince Carter

Notable dunk: Dunk over Frederic Weis at the 2000 Sydney Olympics

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