How Nike Continues To Be Committed To Gold

Nike is 100% dedicated to their track and field athletes

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Nike continues to be committed to elevating the experience of its track and field athletes, and as they say themselves, they are never done chasing gold. Throughout the past week-and-a-half or so, Nike made a return to its Eugene, Oregon birthplace to host the world’s best track, field and running athletes because, well,  there was no better place to start the next leg of the Nike Track Town Takeover than home.

As mentioned earlier, Nike remains committed to the world’s best with their athletes being the greatest inspiration behind their top innovations. Nike is currently partnered with more track & field athletes than any other brand in the world – including sponsoring approximately a third of the women who competed in Eugene this past week, in what is a true partnership, on and off the track, road or field.

From working with them to inform the design of record-breaking footwear and apparel that optimize their performance to partaking in initiatives that seek to understand how they can better serve female athletes by turning insights into action, Nike is 100% dedicated.

Nike also continues to evolve their apparel through their partnership with USA Track & Field, designing their largest offering of competition apparel for women ever, including an assortment of 30 pieces based on weather, comfort, material, or personal preference. The collection of briefs, shorts, tights, bras, arm and leg sleeves lets her choose how she wants to look, feel and compete.

And the most important part of all this, is their community initiative. Daily community runs, and athlete inspirational huddles, were just two of the many events Nike has had to better the community. 

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