ONE37pm Sits Down With G-League Star Malik Benlevi of the Iowa Wolves

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Malik Benlevi

The All-Star break is officially wrapping up, which means the G-League is back in full force. The Iowa Wolves have had a good start to the season, holding the fifth seed in the Western Conference, and they are looking to start the second half strong and officially lock in their playoff spot. 

ONE37pm: Thanks for talking to us Malik! This is your first year with Iowa, how has that been for you?

Benlevi: It’s cool! Both Salt Lake and Iowa have been a really cool experience. This year, Iowa has a first-year coach (Jeff Newton), and the staff is pretty good. I actually met one of our assistant coaches back when he was with the South Bay Lakers, so we already knew one another. My teammates are like my brothers, and they really make the experience fun.

ONE37pm: Okay, what about the season? Talk to us about that?

Benlevi: We’ve been holding our own. We lost our last three games so we have to lock back in, but we needed this mental break. We are gonna come back and try to make another run before the playoffs.

ONE37pm: How did Georgia State prepare you for your career in the G-League?

Benlevi: Coach Hunter prepared us because he didn’t baby us. We would have our team conditioning, but after that, it was our responsibility to work out on our own. It’s the same way as a professional. It’s your responsibility to stay in shape, or you won’t play. I would say that’s the biggest way that Georgia State prepared me.

Big things are in store for Benlevi and the Wolves. You can keep up with Malik on Instagram.

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