The 20 Best PFL Fighters to Watch

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The Professional Fighters League (PFL) is launching their NFTs so you might want to know a thing or two about some of their fighters fighting this year in their sports season format.

The Professional Fighters League (PFL) is about to close out its 2021 season in June. Then, the fighters with enough points to advance to the playoffs in the PFL’s season format of MMA will make it to the finals to be the 2021 champions. Being the PFL champ comes with a $1-million-dollar prize and an invite back for next year.

Recently, the PFL just announced the launch of their own NFTs. So, anyone interested in grabbing these collectibles will likely want to know about some of the fighters in the league. Here are 20 PFL fighters you should watch.

1. Kayla Harrison (9-0, PFL 8-0)

2. Rory MacDonald (22-6-1,PFL 1-0)

3. Ray Cooper III (21-7-1, PFL 9-2)

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  • 2019 PFL Welterweight World Champion
  • 14 Career Knockouts
  • 6 Knockouts Over The Last 2 Pfl Seasons
  • Has Made The Pfl Welterweight Finals In 2018 & 2019

Cooper went from underdog when the PFL began to one of its top welterweights. He fought Jake Shields twice in 2018, avenging a loss his father had against Shields while cementing himself as one of the PFL’s top fighters. He is currently ranked number one, above MacDonald.

4. Brendon Loughnane (21-3-0 PFL4-0)

5. Bubba Jenkins (16-4-0 PFL 2-0)

6. Lance Palmer (22-4, PFL 10-1)

7. Antonio Carlos Júnior (11-5-0, 1 NC, PFL 1-0)

8. Emiliano Sordi (23-8, PFL 7-1)

9. Clay Collard (20-8-0, 1 NC ,PFL 2-0)

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  • 10 Career Knockouts
  • Former UFC Contender
  • 2020 Boxing Star

Collard was an MMA fighter, turned boxer, then returned to MMA when he signed with the PFL. His first fight was against Anthony Pettis where he was the underdog. The fight was tough, but Collard showed his time away in the sweet science of boxing helped make him a better mixed martial artist. He’s currently the number one lightweight in the 2021 lightweight standings.

10. Anthony Pettis (24-11, PFL 0-1)

11. Chris Wade (19-6, PFL 7-3)

12. Natan Schulte (21-4-1 PFL 10-1-1)

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  • Two-time PFL Lightweight World Champion (2018, 2019)
  • Unbeaten In Two PFL Seasons (9-0-1)
  • 9 Career Wins By Submission

Schulte is a two-time PFL lightweight champion that has always found a way to get to the main event on New Year’s Eve. While he lost to  Marcin Held this season, like Pettis, he still has a chance to get back in the mix if he picks up a win while the season is still going. He’s lost one before and came back to win the prize, so it can certainly be done again.

13. Genah Fabian (3-1, PFL 2-1)

14. Claressa Shields (1-0, PFL 1-0)

15. Bruno Cappelozza (11-5-0 , PFL 1-0)

16. Tyler Diamond (12-1, PFL 1-0)

17. Olivier Aubin-Mercier (11-5, PFL 0-0)

18. Larissa Pacheco (14-4, PFL 3-2)

19. Kaitlin Young (12-10-1 PFL 1-0)

20. Denis Goltsov (26-6, PFL 4-1)

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