Andre Beverley and Team ICECREAM Are Back

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Michael Caloca / ONE37pm

After a multi-year hiatus, Andre Beverley is finally back with Team ICECREAM. A few months ago, some social media posts seemed to hint at the return of Pharrell's legendary skate brand, but nothing had been officially confirmed. But earlier this week, the iconic brand—and iconic skater—released their first part in years, featuring Brooklyn's Andre Beverley demonstrating his absolute wizardry—skating everything from rails to ledges to gaps in NYC and LA.

Let's run it back real quick. ICECREAM is more widely known these days as a streetwear brand, but not everyone knows the story of its genesis as a mainstay of 2000s skate culture. Skateboard P launched ICECREAM back in 2006 with the announcement of the brand's first skate program and the release of their video, TEAM ICECREAM Vol 1. 

The latest video was filmed by RB Umali, Stefano Kerster, Stefan Singh, Dave Hoang and Ty Evans and features music from Lil Polo Tee, an upcoming artist from Brooklyn that ONE37pm had the honor of interviewing back in May.

The video and the credits demonstrate that Team ICECREAM and Pharrell are back to their roots, highlighting skaters with the sickest style and putting the spotlight on up and coming artists we'll be sure to know years down the line. Team ICECREAM perfectly encapsulates what a good skate brand is about; it's not just an entity meant to release video parts, but an overall lifestyle brand built for the culture. Music, streetwear and skating are all inextricably intertwined. No one knows that better than Pharrell Williams.

Team ICECREAM is back. I can't wait to see what they drop next.

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