The Best NBA Outfits of May 2019

Iggy goes viral, Kuz’s good-luck charm and more from the past month

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Even though we’re at least three games away from the NBA season being finito, we’re far as hell from the shallow, especially when it comes to fits coming in from across the NBA universe. After seeing this month’s selection of the NBA’s best outfits, you’ll be muttering to yourself, “Well, maybe it’s time to let the old ways die.”

Now that this bit is over, here’s the five best from May.

Hand of the Kuz

Kyle Kuzma with the purple suit and the hand of the kingpin! Low-key corny, high-key iconic? (If Kuz is the hand, who is the king? Josh Hart?) The Lakers locked down the fourth slot in the lottery, which could have been better, but also could have been worse. Long live King Bran!!!—Corban Goble

AAU Bleachers Are the New Tunnel Runways

These days hoopers are often criticized for becoming too fancy. Pulling up to NBA games in Versace might give off the appearance that they’re more interested in their pregame attire than their on-court performance. And no place is filled with more old heads who share that sentiment or hooper sanctity than an AAU gym in May.

Pictured here is Shai Gilgeous-Alexander putting the moves on all those rubes who think that a Balenciaga jumpsuit has “nothing to do with basketball” or that a custom Thom Browne suit makes it look like players “need to care about their performance as much as they do about their pregame outfits.”

How many dudes you know can go through the legs courtside knowing a game is going on while fitted?—Jacob Forchheimer

Swaggy P, Berobed

A reminder that there is no age minimum for retirement. Ha, just kidding—you could never pull this off. Swaggy P can, though. And he can wear a bathrobe in public without a shirt underneath.—JF

Drake doesn’t play basketball and yet, here he is in a category that only includes basketball players. Conflating Drake for an NBA player may be a fatal error but that’s not what’s going on here. The 6 God has loudly repped the Raptors and rocked the most pertinent fit of the YEAR the same night the Raptors made it to the Finals for the first time ever. And I for one have no shame in including him. “I got a club in the Raptors arena / Championships, celebrations durin' regular seasons” —JF

Iguodala’s Disruption

Silicon Valley has been good to Iggy. He’s made himself into a savvy, thought-leading investor. He’s been an essential pillar for a dynasty, and he’s out here hitting huge shots even as retirement talk swirls. He got some heat on social media for the poncho look, but as Warren Buffett once legendarily said, “Flex where the fear is.” My thesis is based on this incident alone, but that Margiela vest/poncho is the future. No one could ever tell me otherwise.—CG

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