A Definitive List of UFC Double Champions Across Multiple Weight Classes

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Whatever you think about what Conor McGregor holding two different titles at the same time did for MMA, there’s no doubt that the concept of UFC double champions has been one of the more impactful things to happen to the sport in the past decade.

Since he won the lightweight belt at UFC 205 while holding the featherweight title, a few champions have attempted to win a second simultaneous belt themselves, but even fewer have succeeded.

Below, we’ll give you a rundown of all of the fighters who have held two weight class belts.

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First, What Is A Double Champ?

Great question.

Like any combat sport, MMA has had weight divisions for decades now. In the UFC, each weight division has one champion. Over the years, there have been fighters who have been a champion in one division, lose the title, and win the title in a different division. It’s an incredible feat (that we'll get more into later), but what the term double champion (or champ-champ) is reserved for is fighters who have held belts in two different divisions at the same time.

Who was the first Double Champ in the UFC?

The first fighter to simultaneously hold two different weight class titles was none other than Conor McGregor, who achieved the feat when he beat Lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in November of 2016 after beating José Aldo for the Featherweight title eleven months prior. Conor kicked off the trend of champions wanting to challenge for a second title and to this day, there’s debate about whether it was a positive change for MMA or not.

1. Amanda Nunes (Bantamweight, Featherweight)

2. Conor McGregor (Featherweight, Lightweight)

3. Daniel Cormier (Light Heavyweight, Heavyweight)

4. Henry Cejudo (Flyweight, Bantamweight)

Are there other fighters who have won 2 titles?

Another great question!

Though the term ‘double champion’ is usually reserved for fighters who have held two belts at once, throughout the history of the UFC, there have been fighters who have been champions in two different weight classes but with no overlap between the two reigns. Below, we’ve outlined them for you.

Jon Jones (Light Heavyweight, Heavyweight)

Georges St-Pierre (Welterweight, Middleweight)

B.J. Penn (Lightweight, Welterweight)

Randy Couture (Light Heavyweight, Heavyweight)

Alex Pereira (Middleweight, Light Heavyweight)

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