Who Has The Most World Series Wins?

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Dubbed 'Americas pastime', baseball holds a special place in the culture and history of the United States. For nearly 120 years (barring two seasons in 1904 and 1994) the best baseball players on the planet have duked it out for the right to hoist the Commissioners Trophy.

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With well over a century of play, some teams have been more successful than others. In fact, the top five winningest teams in World Series history hold 54% of the total championships ever won. On the other side of the spectrum, there are seven teams that have never won the World Series, with one of those teams never even reaching the final game. Here is the list of the teams with the most world series wins.

Teams With The Most World Series Wins

Although an overwhelming majority of MLB teams have won at least one World Series, there are a few teams that have distanced themselves as the best of the best. We are starting with the teams that have won more than one World Series over the course of their history. Here are the franchises that have won multiple World Series.

1.) New York Yankees: 27

2.) St.Louis Cardinals: 11

3.) Oakland Athletics: 9

4.) Boston Red Sox: 9

5.) San Francisco Giants: 8

6.) Los Angeles Dodgers: 7

7.) Cincinnati Reds: 5

8.) Pittsburgh Pirates: 5

9.) Detroit Tigers: 4

10.) Atlanta Braves: 4

11.) Chicago Cubs: 3

12.) Baltimore Orioles: 3

13.) Minnesota Twins: 3

14.) Chicago White Sox: 3

15.) Philadelphia Phillies: 2

16.) Cleveland Guardians: 2

17.) Houston Astros: 2

18.) New York Mets: 2

19.) Kansas City Royals: 2

20.) Toronto Blue Jays: 2

21.) Florida Marlins: 2

Teams With Won One World Series Win

Teams That Have Never Won A World Series

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