Who Should Be in WWE's Hall of Fame Class for 2020?

The Rock is in. Who else deserves to be inducted?

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If you’ve ever indulged in WWE’s WrestleMania week festivities, you’ve most likely attended their Hall of Fame ceremony. What was once a private ballroom affair has transformed into a fan-attended event that’s held up by pure nostalgia. Wrestlers from every era have been celebrated by their peers and the onlookers that cheered them on as they showcased their in-ring prowess.

This year’s Hall of Fame inductees included D-Generation X, Harlem Heat, The Hart Foundation, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, The Honky Tonk Man and Torrie Wilson had their names etched in stone as they earned the right to be called WWE Hall of Famers. WrestleMania 36 is in Tampa, Florida.

The debate for who should be bestowed with such an honor is never-ending. Even with the crowded list of men and women that have already entered the WWE Hall of Fame, there’s still a surprising collection of superstars who still haven’t made it in. The individuals and tag teams posted below are bonafide legends that are ready-made for the 21st class of the WWE Hall of Fame.

The Rock

This pick is a no-brainer.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ruled the Attitude Era alongside Hall of Famers such as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Mick Foley. His presence on the mic is unmatched, his charisma transcended the sport itself and his in-ring battles are listed among the greatest wrestling matches of all time. The Rock has been a part of so many legendary feuds and has earned plenty of accolades along the way.

Mention the “People’s Eyebrow,” the “People’s Elbow,” or any of The Rock’s famous catchphrases to a casual wrestling fan and memories of the good ol’ days will instantly become a part of the conversation. Rocky’s connection to Florida (he once played college football for the University of Miami) sets him up as the first name that should be announced for next year’s Hall of Fame. An hour-long speech from “The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment” is worth the price of admission alone.

Miss Elizabeth

Miss Elizabeth is one of wrestling’s most well known leading ladies and classiest managers. Her quiet demeanor and unmatched beauty garnered the attention of the viewing audience every time she accompanied Randy Savage to the ring. During her WWE tenure, she became the focal point of several storylines that are still talked about to this very day.

If you found yourself going nuts when the Mega Powers exploded or when Miss Elizabeth finally reunited with a retiring “Macho Man,” then Miss Elizabeth certainly had an effect on you. Fans gravitated towards her sweet demeanor and rooted for her every time she found herself in a harrowing situation. The “First Lady of Wrestling” is sadly no longer with us. The best way to honor her legacy is by celebrating her managerial achievements at next year’s Hall of Fame ceremony.

Cyndi Lauper

For fans that lived through the “Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Connection” era, this entry is long overdue. Without Cyndi Lauper’s star power and connection to the youth movement of the 80s, the WWE may not have been as successful during that influential period. Cyndi’s music video for “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” presented Captain Lou Albano in a starring role, which boosted the wrestling personality in the eyes of non-wrestling fans.

Once she made her way onto WWE TV, she found herself entangled in a memorable feud with Albano. Her biggest wrestling claim to fame came when she managed Wendi Ritcher during the history-making “The Brawl to End It All” event. Cyndi’s involvement with the 80s-wrestling boom must never be understated. She’s a first-ballot pick for the next celebrity wing inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The Hardy Boyz

Simply put, Matt and Jeff Hardy were one of the most recognizable and beloved tag teams of the Attitude Era. The extreme siblings hailing from Cameron, North Carolina cheated death on several occasions during ladder matches, Steel Cage battles and a series of classic TLC (tables, ladders and chairs) clashes. Their choices in fashion, recognizable theme song and innovative offense were staples of a bygone era in WWE.

As their careers veered off in different directions, Matt and Jeff Hardy found continued success as singles competitors. While they amassed plenty of championships and adjusted their gimmicks to great success throughout their careers, they always managed to reunite and take over the tag team landscape of other wrestling feds. The massive pop they received during their surprise return to WWE at WrestleMania 33 is proof of their immense popularity. The Hardy Boyz story is still being written as we speak. WWE should give them their flowers now by allowing them to claim their Hall of Fame honors.

Edge & Christian

The Dudley Boyz are already proud members of the WWE Hall of Fame. And our last pick advocates for their rivals' inclusion into the very same club. If those two parts of the TLC equation are Hall of Fame material, the same can be said about the final portion of that classic rivalry—Edge & Christian. Watching both men evolve from vicious vampires to cocky heels who were comedy gold was one of the better parts of the Attitude Era.

Their “5 Second Pose” act was a hit in every town and their kazoo playing skills are still second to none. They weren’t just good for a quick laugh, however—Edge & Christian were equally entertaining in the ring. The Canadian duo could be seen wowing the crowd in traditional tag team matches as well as wild stipulation brawls full of death-defying stunts. On their own, both men were top-tier singles stars. And as a team, they competed at the very same level. Edge & Christian’s record certainly speaks for itself. And that’s why they’re more than ready to join the WWE Hall of Fame as a package deal.

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