5 Iconic Super Bowl Halftime Show Sneaker Moments

5 super bowl halftime sneakers mobile
Focus on Sport/Getty Images

In recent years, the Super Bowl halftime show has proven to be a bigger stage for the advertisement of sneakers than the commercials. From Jordan Brand's recent collaborative offerings breaking the internet on Travis Scott and Justin Timberlake to adidas receiving major endorsement from Katy Perry and Anthony Kedis, performers wearing logos onstage is more memorable than the cleats worn in the game.

From can’t-miss classics to unseen artist collabs, relive some of the halftime show’s most memorable sneaker moments so you can drop facts on your friends at this year's Super Bowl party.

1. Super Bowl LIII 2019 - Travis Scott, Adam Levine and Big Boi

2. Super Bowl LII 2018 - Justin Timberlake

3. Super Bowl XXXVIII 2004 - Justin Timberlake

4. Super Bowl 2014 XLVIII - Red Hot Chili Peppers

5. Super Bowl 50 2016 - Chris Martin, Bruno Mars

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