AiiNAAK is a Modern Sunglasses Brand Reviving 1900s Edwardian Eyewear

Here's a closer look at the brand

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When it comes to the art form of creating luxury sunglasses, AiiNAAK has the formula down pat. A sunglasses brand created by NY based designer Daniel Samimi, a fashion veteran who worked in design and product development, AiiNAAK was started in a simple New York studio as an experiment to create innovative yet luxury frames that push expectations beyond the norm. Through careful development and testing, AiiNAAK’s debut collection of genderless and fashion forward Pince-Nez eyewear collection was launched. Designed to make a statement by resting comfortably on the face without support, AiiNAAK’s frames are for the modern creative and trendsetter.

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Re-imagined for the modern world, AiiNAAK’s three silhouettes are available in non-prescription sunglasses & eyeglasses retailing for $490 with the option of prescription lenses for $780. The styles come in gold or black frames using polarized lenses with the option of blue light protection. Each handcrafted piece is developed in Los Angeles using premium materials, combining 100% UV protection and anti-reflective properties to increase visual comfort. 

We chatted with Samimi recently to learn more about the development of the brand, and his hopes for the future. 

ONE37pm: Thanks for chatting with us Daniel. Can you just start by introducing yourself and your brand AiiNAAK?

Samimi: Of course, thanks for having me today. My name is Daniel Samimi—the founder of AiiNAAK and a few other fun brands. AiiNAAK is a very unique sunglasses and accessory brand. We produce what are essentially floating frames that rest on your nose with our patent pending function. The unique piece truly tells a story, makes a statement and symbolizes freedom.

ONE37pm: These sunglasses are really unique. How did you come up with the concept?

Samimi: 5 years ago, my partner sat down and thought, 'What can I do that will make me stand out, but is functional? Where design meets function. We created a piece of art, something you wear in your everyday lifestyle but that is unique enough to stand out from the crowd and truly serve a purpose. After hundreds of prototypes, we came up with the final piece that fully functions and is part of your everyday life and outfit.

ONE37pm: Can you walk us through what it’s like to create a sunglasses brand from scratch, and any challenges you might have endured along the way?

Samimi: It definitely isn't easy. There have been ups and downs, especially when creating something new. It's not like we just created a new style; we created a new function. We went through hundreds of samples, tons of manufactures that can understand our vision (no pun intended). After all, we were able to pull our resources together and make the brand come to life. 

ONE37pm: What new styles do you guys have?

Samimi: We just launched our first styles of Aftab, Mah & Setareh, each with its own meaning, style and personality.

ONE37pm: What’s your favorite part about what you do?

Samimi: Being able to help others and making something new. I did not even realize that we opened a new door for many people in the disabled community as well, and that warms my heart.

ONE37pm: What’s up next for AiiNAAK?

Samimi: We are just getting started! We have a few new ideas and collaborations in mind that will be fun to do! We want to show the world it's possible and that something new isn't bad!

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