Angel McCoughtry Talks Opening New Basketball Court, Film Projects, and More

The Louisville legend is giving back

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Andrew Peckat

It’s always an incredible accomplishment in one’s career when they achieve an opportunity to give back to their communities. On June 17th, WNBA Phenom, adidas partner and University of Louisville Hall of Famer Angel McCoughtry, gave back to the Louisville community by gifting a newly renovated “Reach for the Stars” basketball court. Executed by Project Backboard, at Shively Park, the new court embodies McCoughtry and adidas’ shared commitment to elevating women in sport and the next generation of hoopers.

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The court features McCoughtry’s image, which commemorates a groundbreaking collegiate and professional career including her contributions to the history of Louisville basketball. Guests in attendance included: University of Louisville’s Valerie Combs, Mayor of Shively Beverly Chester-Burton, and more.

We spoke to McCoughtry this past week to talk more about the presentation and designing the court.

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Andrew Peckat

ONE37pm: Angel! It’s so great to be chatting with you. Louisville is an important place to you. How was it to gift a court to the community?

McCoughtry: It was one of the best feelings aside from winning a championship. It’s an awesome feeling, and I loved the reactions that we got and are going to get from people seeing it now for the first time.

ONE37pm: What was that day like as a whole from start to finish?

McCoughtry: It was amazing! It did rain a little bit during the day, but I was happy to have my coach there and see the kids. I really enjoyed it and it was an awesome event. The court is a beautiful place, and it’s so peaceful.

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ONE37pm: Were you involved in any aspect of the court's design?

McCoughtry: Oh yeah! That’s the one thing that made it cool was the fact that I had creative control. The court features an Olympic picture that really showed our emotion and dedication on the court. It's a mural that shows you can accomplish anything.

ONE37pm: How did you feel when you saw it for the first time?

McCoughtry: I was in awe of it. It’s something where there is so much beauty behind the art. I would say it’s in the top ten of most beautiful basketball courts. The kids that were also decked out in adidas gear which was super cool as well, and they wanted to get out there and play!

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Andrew Peckat

ONE37pm: What else is next in the world of Angel McCoughtry?

McCoughtry: It’s a long list! I’m definitely doing more commentating, and then we have USA basketball coming up. I’m also working on a new movie that will be coming out about Lake Lanier. For those who don't know, Lake Lanier used to be a city underneath the lake where Black people lived, and they flooded it which in turn made it a lake. It’s set to come out on Halloween 2023. I definitely want to do more film projects in the future because I love creativity and bringing stuff to life.

You can continue to keep up with Angel via Instagram.

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