The Best Accent Chairs to Shop at Every Price Point

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Design Within Reach, Knoll, Kartell

As the first of Gen Z begin to venture out on their own and many millennials find work with better pay, the furniture and interior design market has only grown. In conjunction, many consumers are refining their tastes and seeking out left field or luxurious designs to set themselves apart from the crowd or display some measure of wealth and knowledge. Regardless of the intention, it can be difficult to find quality versions of household staples, like the best accent chairs.

What is an Accent Chair?

The term accent chair is rather all encompassing, referring more to the purpose of the chair instead of a specific type. Put simply, an accent chair adds additional seating in a living room. Oftentimes an accent chair has some element of visual interest that creates a focal point in a living space, however this is not necessary. Accent chairs are often called side chairs, and can be both armed and armless. Lounge chairs are often grouped into this category, as their relaxed nature makes them a perfect fit to contrast a sofa or couch.

Best Places to Shop for Accent Chairs

Nearly every furniture retailer will sell accent chairs in some form, often as side chairs or lounge chairs. Some of our favorites include:

  • IKEA
  • CB2
  • Design Within Reach
  • Knoll
  • Herman Miller


linnebaeck chair orrsta olive gr

It should come as no surprise that IKEA comes first in this list, as the Swedish retailer has been the master of creating affordable, yet attractive furniture. The design is lightweight and airy, offering plenty of function without making a room feel crowded. At just under sixty dollars, the LINNEBÄCK chair is a perfect option for an accent chair for those balling on a budget.

Shop Now at IKEA - $59.99

2. Lichen NYC Breakfast Chair

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Lichen NYC

It's not the most glamorous chair. However, when I think of a chair, Lichen NYC's Breakfast chair is exactly what comes to mind. If you're in need of additional seating this chair is fantastic, and the all natural wood construction adds warmth to any room. Plus, you have the added advantage of supporting one of New York's best small furniture retailers. This is one of the best accent chairs available at an approachable price point.

Shop Now at Lichen NYC - $60

3. Wayfair Aubrianna Chair

Aubrianna 29 Wide Tufted

Most of Wayfair's catalog isn't quite what I look for when it comes to furniture design, but the Aubrianna chair has a certain degree of charm and eye catching quality that is undeniable. Each line extending from the center draws the eye towards the chair, while doubling as a unique construction method for providing comfortable seating.

Shop Now at Wayfair - $118.99


poaeng armchair birch veneer glo

The POÄNG chair is an all time design classic. Designed by Noboru Nakamura for the brand in 1976, this chair has been a staple of the Swedish furniture giant's catalog ever since. If you're looking for a bit of Alvar Aalto design sensibility at a fraction of the price, look no further. This option features an added headrest and leather cushions, but if that's not your style IKEA has plenty of other modifications you can browse.

Shop Now at IKEA - $199

5. Design Within Reach Globus Chair

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Design Within Reach

It's honestly pretty rare to see something this cheap from Design Within Reach, which is a pleasant surprise for a design as beautiful as this one. The unorthodox backrest design adds an element of visual interest while highlighting its construction with the exposed screws, making it ideal for a home with an industrial touch.

Shop Now at Design Within Reach - $275

6. HAY About A Chair 12 Side Chair

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HAY's About A Chair 12 chair is calm and inoffensive, with plenty of options for bases and seats. The subtle curves of the seat and rounded legs offer a soft, inviting experience that's easy on your eyes and your back.

Shop Now at HAY - $295

7. Schoolhouse Electric Utility Stool

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Schoolhouse Electric

If you want to go full industrial with your home decor, look no further. Schoolhouse Electric specializes in high quality, inexpensive furniture with plenty of options for customization. This chair is technically a stool, but we've opted for the option with a backrest. The Utility Stool really lives up to its name, with added height adjustment in the chair legs if you need it.

Shop Now at Schoolhouse Electric - $329

9. CB2 Stature Chair


Bask in the Stature Chair's fuzzy glory for a moment, I'll wait. With a simultaneously rigid and soft design ethos, this chair has an air about it that just makes you want to sit in it. If that doesn't fit the description of an accent chair, I'm not quite sure what does.

Shop Now at CB2 - $399

10. Artek Aalto Chair 66

292Artek iso
Finnish Design Shop

Alvar Aalto is a furniture design legend, and there's no doubt in my mind that you have seen his stools of a similar design. The patented L-shaped legs allow them to be attached directly to the chair base. Chair 66 builds off of the stool's design language, but completely alters the rear legs and adds a backrest. The disjointed nature of the chair's construction has made it a timeless classic since it was first designed in 1935.

Shop Now at Finnish Design Shop - $469

11. Kartell Mr. Impossible Chair

image 1

Kartell specializes in plastic as a material, and the Mr. Impossible chair is a testament to the brand's manufacturing prowess. As the name implies, this chair conquers the impossible idea of bonding two oval bodies without the use of glue. The two laser welded shells mesh perfectly, allowing for the signature two tone look seen here. It's the perfect centerpiece for a living room, but its construction also makes it perfect for outdoor use.

Shop Now at Kartell - $484

12. Knoll Cesca Chair


Another all time classic, the Cesca chair was designed by the legendary Marcel Breuer in 1928. If you need any further indication of the timelessness of the design, Knoll acquired the rights to manufacture this chair in 1968 and has been selling it ever since. The Cesca makes use of the bent steel tubing that Breuer pioneered, with a simple backrest and seat cushion creating the bare minimum needed for a functional chair.

Shop Now at Knoll - $665

8. Herman Miller Eames Molded Plywood DCW

W PD 101 ALT2
Herman Miller

Similar to the Cesca, the Eames DCW (Dining Chair Wood) is another pioneering engineering marvel. As one of the first releases from Charles and Ray Eames once they mastered the mass manufacture of molded plywood, the DCW embodies everything that made the design duo so great. This midcentury modern icon is both ergonomic and beautiful, expertly hiding design details like the rubber shock mounts underneath the seat. If you need any more convincing, the DCW has been hailed by Time magazine as the best design of the 20th century.

Shop Now at Herman Miller - $1,095

13. Knoll Tulip Chair


Eero Saarinen's Tulip series is the epitome of Space Age design, full of material innovations and curved lines characteristic of the period. Initially designed in 1955, every element of the chair exudes cool. In Saarinen's own words, "The undercarriage of chairs and tables in a typical interior makes an ugly, confusing, unrestful world. I wanted to clear up the slum of legs. I wanted to make the chair all one thing again."

Shop Now at Knoll - $1,885

14. Tom Sachs Shop Chair

ScreenShot2020 12 08at11.15.56AM
Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs has cemented his place as one of the most forward thinking contemporary artists of this era, and his ventures into the realm of furniture design have been nothing short of genius. I mean, just look at this chair. Made from several layers of laminated plywood, the addition of circular cutouts of various sizes adds both an aesthetic and functional element. Here we've highlighted the natural edition, but the chair is available in a beautiful array of colors, with or without arms.

Shop Now at Tom Sachs - $2,000

15. Ligne Roset Armchair Complete Ottoman

18220100 115 vue2 1500x1500
Ligne Roset

Inspired by the ornamental designs of Moroccan footstools, this design was conceived during the design of an entire hotel concept by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance that ultimately ended up unfinished. Fortunately we were left with this incredible chair instead, and it lives up to everything one could want out of an accent chair. It's comfortable, beautiful, and adds softness and interest to any room it's placed in.

Shop Now at Ligne Roset - $2,850

16. Knoll Womb Chair


The womb chair is exactly as inviting and comfortable as the name implies, supporting any number of seating arrangements. Designed by Eero Saarinen at the behest of Florence Knoll, who asked for "a chair that was like a basket full of pillows - something she could really curl up in."

Shop Now at Knoll - $4,800

17. Vitsœ 620 Chair


Dieter Rams' work at Braun is arguably the best example of his functionalist school of thought, but his lesser known work for Vitsœ is equally incredible. The 620 chair boasts an endless array of modifications, from textile options to back height and more. If you decide you can't get enough of the 620, you can even purchase additional units and combine them to create a sofa. It's insanely expensive, but that's what you pay for top tier design if you want one of the best accent chairs money can buy.

Shop Now at Vitsœ - $4,995
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