The 16 Best Affordable Watch Brands to Shop Right Now

Inexpensive but still high quality. Here's some of the best.

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Bulova, Macy's, Timex

Watch shopping is a fun process. Anybody that's even remotely into fashion knows just how much a good watch can elevate your blazers and suits to the next level, but it's no secret that watches can also come with a hefty price tag. Quality versus price is something that's always a struggle when buying clothing and accessories as you never want to automatically go "cheap" for the fear of your purchase backfiring on you, but at the same time, spending thousands of dollars doesn't mean that you've gotten the best bang for your buck either. We maintain that you shouldn't have to break the bank in order to get a quality timepiece that's both beautiful and durable. Whether you're looking for a field watch or a good timepiece under $200, we've got you covered with a guide on the best affordable watch brands to shop right now.

Each brand we're including on this list is one that we have either heavily researched and vetted, or have had personal experience with. Stick with us to see what some of the best options are to currently shop from.

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Our Editors' Pick for the Very Best Affordable Watch Brands:

  • Best Watch Brand Under $100 - Casio

From our research and experience, the best brand for getting watches under $100 is Casio. While they are without a doubt one of the biggest watch brands in the world, they have many great watches (collaborations included) that are under the $100 mark.

  • Best Watch Brand Under $500 - Timex

We've had quite a few personal experiences with Timex watches over the years, and can attest to the brand's quality and durability. The company offers plenty of watches under the $200 mark that are phenomenal.

  • Best Watch Brand Under $1,000 - Bulova

A blend between luxury and casual, Bulova is a great place to grab a watch for $1,000 or under as they've got plenty in their catalog within that price range.

1. Casio

Best Watch Brand Under $100

SHOP NOW AT CASIO, $22 - $135

2. Timex

Best Watch Brand Under $500

SHOP NOW AT TIMEX, $60 - $495

3. Bulova

Best Watch Brand Under $1,000

SHOP NOW AT BULOVA, $320 - $1,395

4. Fossil

SHOP NOW AT FOSSIL, $130 - $280

5. Lilienthal Berlin


6. Shinola

SHOP NOW AT SHINOLA, $595 - $1,500

7. Swatch

SHOP NOW AT SWATCH, $75 - $200

8. Alpina

SHOP NOW AT ALPINA, $695 - $1,295

9. Invicta

SHOP NOW AT INVICTA, $29 - $1,269

10. Tissot

SHOP NOW AT TISSOT, $250 - $3,175

11. Victorinox


12. Skagen

SHOP NOW AT SKAGEN, $63 - $215

13. Nixon

SHOP NOW AT NIXON, $75 - $1,500

14. Movado

SHOP NOW AT MOVADO, $395 - $3,995

15. Junghans

SHOP NOW AT JUNGHANS, $466 - $2,118

16. G-Shock

SHOP NOW AT G-SHOCK, $100 - $800

How we selected the best affordable watch brands:

Our selections for the brands we selected came by way of researching dozens of brands, comparing prices, and editor testing. It was very important for us to stay within the $100 to $1,000 range as that's what qualifies an affordable watch to us, and we specifically targeted watches that didn't go that much over $500. Most important other than the price was the quality. As we mentioned earlier, "cheap" doesn't automatically equal quality, and if you're watch isn't going to last, that means that you're money gets wasted anyway. We included brands that are known for their quality and affordability. Durability is the most important factor of watch shopping, and all of the brands we included check the box in that regard.

Why trust ONE37pm?

As we mentioned, we heavily researched the watch brands included on this list, and our editors have tested watches from Timex, Casio, Nixon and more. ONE37pm has been conducting watch reviews and recommendations for over four years; you can check out our guide to field watches, watches under $200 and profiles we've conducted on brands in the timepiece space.

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