Best Beverage Refrigerators on Amazon

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Having some cold drinks ready at a moment’s notice is quite the luxury and if you’re kitting out your bedroom or another area in your house to relax, a beverage refrigerator is the last thing you need to bring it all together. Buying one is a big choice, so we’re here to help.

How to pick the best beverage refrigerator for you

  • Consider what beverages you’ll store in it – As specific as a beverage refrigerator is, you still need to figure out whether you’ll mostly have cans or bottles in. A lot of the time it won’t matter, but some might want a dedicated area for bottle storage, so it’s worth thinking about.
  • Consider where you’ll keep it – Beverage refrigerators can go both indoors and outdoors, with the latter needing to be a little sturdier. Outdoor refrigerators can also be bigger because they’re not confined to smaller areas by other appliances.
  • Consider how many beverages you’ll keep in it – These products come in a wide variety of sizes, so having a rough estimation of how many drinks you want to keep inside at any given time is very helpful.

1. hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

1 12

Top Pick

This beverage refrigerator from hOmeLabs weighs 68.3 pounds and is made of tough stainless steel. At 3.2 cubic feet, this holds 120 standard-size soda or beer cans. While it doesn’t have a dedicated wine bottle holder, a significant number of bottles can be stored in it with no problem. The chrome shelves are both removable and adjustable, so you can arrange things how you’d like. There’s also an auto defrosting function and temperature controls that allow you to cool down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Holds 120 standard cans
  • Freestanding


  • Cans stored at the back can freeze
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2. Antarctic Star Mini Fridge Cooler

2 12

Most Convenient

This option from Antarctic Star is a mini-fridge that stores 60 12oz cans. The fridge comes with wheels on the bottom so that it can be moved around. Its working temperature range is 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 61 degrees Fahrenheit, a great range that should keep most happy. The fridge’s door is made of double-pane tempered glass and shuts with an airtight seal to ensure maximum and optimum insulation. While it starts out quiet, some have reported that it can get louder over time. If you’re keeping it somewhere where you don’t usually relax, that might not be as much of a problem as it being in your bedroom.


  • Great temperature range
  • Strong and durable door


  • It can get loud over time
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3. Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator

3 12

Most Compact

Next up is Whynter’s beverage refrigerator. It accommodates 120 standard cans that you can keep at anywhere from around 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The door is reversible, and once you open it, you’re met with five slide-out metal wired shelves. Some have reported it getting quite noisy.


  • Good storage


  • It can get loud
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4. Vremi Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

4 11

Most Effective

Vremi’s beverage refrigerator comes in not one, not two, but three different sizes. The smallest is 1.7 cubic feet, the medium size is 3.2 cubic feet, and the largest is 3.6 cubic feet. Depending on the arrangement, it can hold up to 130 cans. The bottom of the fridge has adjustable feet in case the ground that it’s on is uneven. It has three adjustable shelves, a digital thermostat, even cooling, and can be changed from Fahrenheit to Celsius if need be. While it won’t have a problem keeping your drinks cold, some have reported that temperature can be ever so slightly off, which can lead to drinks freezing before it’s figured out.


  • Can hold up to 130 cans
  • Adjustable feet on the bottom


  • The thermostat is sometimes off
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5. Euhomy Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

5 9

Also Consider

Last but not least is Euhomy’s freestanding beverage refrigerator, which allows buyers to purchase a version that holds 120 cans or 130 cans. Its cooling system is quiet and advanced, ensuring airflow throughout the entire fridge so that one area isn’t significantly colder than another. Its digital display allows you to set and monitor temperatures, and it has an LED light display which looks great.


  • Advanced cooling system


  •  Cans might have to be staggered to fits
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