25 Best Coffee Tables at Every Price Range

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A coffee table is often the centerpiece of any living space, so it stands to reason that everyone should have one. First and foremost, they offer a variety of practical uses ranging from storing your magazines and remotes, to displaying that new vase you found at the antique store. Moreover, coffee tables allow you to express your personal style and aesthetic. Some are sleek and modern, and others ornate and classic. To that end, we’ve brought you 20 different tables at every price range and in many different styles, so nobody leaves unsatisfied.

1. DHP Parsons Coffee Table from Hayneedle

DHP Parsons Coffee Table

Finding elegance in simplicity, this sleek table leaves very little to be desired in terms of versatility, coming in a range of finishes to suit anyone’s tastes. Its lightweight MDF construction also makes this ideal for those searching for a way to tie together a room on a budget.

Shop Now at Hayneedle- $38.97

2. LACK Table from IKEA

LACK coffee table

As one of the best-selling tables from the Scandinavian powerhouse, the LACK table features many of the same design elements as the previous table with the addition of a storage shelf. It features a honeycomb construction in its interior making it lightweight while maintaining a high degree of strength. Conveniently, it pairs well with the other items from IKEA’s LACK series.

Shop Now at IKEA- $49.99

3. Heywood Retro Coffee Table From Target

Heywood Retro Coffee Table

Feeling like your space is too small? No problem. Coming in as one of the smaller tables in this series you’ll be hard-pressed to find a place where you can’t fit this tiny piece, making it well suited to decluttering city apartments. The gunmetal pin-style legs also add a great industrial flair and provide a nice accent to the worn oak look of the tabletop.

Shop Now at Target - $61.59

4. Alcuin Solid Coffee Wood Table from Wayfair


The legs of this table feature a unique pinwheel shape, with the tabletop exposing the top of each leg to highlight the beautiful form from above. In the middle of the pinwheel, the tabletop is recessed, allowing you to place a centerpiece within the cavity and immediately draw attention to it. The table is entirely constructed of boards, making it extremely stable and durable. 

Shop Now at Wayfair - $94.99

5. Estelle Indoor Farmhouse Acacia Wood Coffee Table from GDF Studio

estelle table
GDF Studio

Acacia wood has long been known for its durability, making this table extremely scratch-resistant and watertight. The cross-legged design recalls feelings of a rustic picnic table, but the design still maintains a sense of modernity. Use it in your living room to bring a pop of natural color or even place it outdoors on a patio or balcony. 

Shop Now at GDF Studio - $125.76

6. Cliffmay Slat Coffee Table Brown from Target

Cliffmay Table

Bring a subtle Japanese-inspired flair into your home with this slatted-wood table. The addition of two latch-louvered doors allows for both open and closed storage, for whatever you might want to keep safely out of the way. The table is also part of a larger set including side tables, cabinets, and TV consoles just in case you’d like to combine them all for a matchy look.

Shop Now at Target - $149.99

7. 3 Legs 2 Nesting Coffee Table from Wayfair


Some things just come better in pairs, including these coffee tables. Each has three legs and an oblong shape, with the larger one being raised slightly to allow the smaller table to nest comfortably beneath the other. Although they do not take up much space, they are extremely versatile as the number of orientations is only limited by your imagination.

Shop Now at Wayfair - $189.99

8. Claire Coffee Table from Urban Outfitters

Claire Coffee Table
Urban Outfitters

Those looking to soften the look of their interior will find that the rounded shape and brassy color of this piece bring immense warmth to any living room. The glass tabletop also makes it unobtrusive to the eye, keeping small spaces from feeling cramped. 

Shop Now at Urban Outfitters - $199

9. Kinslee Coffee Table with Storage from Wayfair


The sleek glossy finish alone makes this a perfect addition to any home, but the inclusion of LED floor lights is sure to attract the attention of gamers and hue light fanatics alike. The Kinslee coffee table’s two drawers and open cavity also provide a ton of storage space.

Shop Now at Wayfair - $199.99

10. Roundhill Furniture Traditional Ornate Detailing Wood Coffee Table from Hayneedle

master ROUN365

After a slew of modern coffee tables, finally we make an appeal to the traditionalist. Covered in veneer highlighting the beautiful wood grain, the claw feet and ornate detailing scream elegance and all of the finishes provide a luxurious gloss.

Shop Now at Hayneedle -$207.90

11. Magdalen Storage Coffee Table from Joss & Main

Joss & Main

Quality, price, and ease of assembly make this a perfect choice for almost anybody. The brushed steel frame provides long-lasting support to ensure the longevity of the table and the tempered glass tabletop and shelf allow you to show off your beautiful rug too. 

Shop Now at Joss & Main - $226

12. Madison Park Avalon Coffee Table from Overstock

Madison Park Avalon Coffee Table

Drawing inspiration from mid-century modern design, it suits both modern and traditional interiors with its timeless look. The striking contrast of the off-white tabletop and natural wood base also add a ton of presence to this table.

Shop Now at Overstock - $230.61

13. STOCKHOLM Table from IKEA

stockholm coffee table walnut veneer  0212281 pe339545 s5

A self-described tribute to Scandinavian design from the Swedish retailer, this table is constructed of fiberboard with a lacquered walnut veneer and a steel underframe, creating the perfect balance of weight and stability. The oblong surfboard-like shape of this table makes it great for bigger couches without feeling overbearing and the woven shelf beneath adds a great touch of warmth and expression. 

Shop Now at IKEA - $249

14. Seville Modern Rattan Coffee Table from Urban Outfitters

Seville Modern Rattan Table
Urban Outfitters

One would never assume that Urban Outfitters offers a custom-made home good, but they do--and it’s fantastic. The hourglass shape made of spiraling rattan creates the perfect bohemian aesthetic and natural vibe.

Shop Now at Urban Outfitters - $329

15. Dasher Glass Sled Coffee Table from Wayfair


This sleek sled-style table simultaneously commands attention and obscures itself with its all glass construction. While it might not be everyone’s taste, it is perfectly at home in any modern styled interior.

Shop Now at Wayfair - $329.99

16. Alaterre Pomona Rustic Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table from Hayneedle

Alaterra Rustic Table

Homes that are feeling a bit bland or lifeless can easily be remedied by bringing a bit of the outside in. A reclaimed wood finish and wrought iron legs create a mood that feels both natural and industrious. 

Shop Now at Hayneedle - $372.30

17. Gethin Floor Shelf Coffee Table with Storage from Wayfair


The appearance of one continuous surface throughout the whole design is the highlight of this architectural table, with the chromed steel piping providing structure both literally and figuratively. 

Shop Now at Wayfair - $499.99

18. Mid-Century Pop-Up Storage Coffee Table from West Elm

mid century pop up storage coffee table fwh
West Elm

This modern coffee table features a pop-up top that exposes a hidden storage area. It also allows you to work and eat from the comfort of your couch--which, to be honest, would make anyone jealous. The added marble slab also adds a fantastic contrast to the acacia wood finish.

Shop Now at West Elm - $594.30

19. Thorndale 60” Reclaimed Wood Table from Pottery Barn

thorndale 60 reclaimed wood coffee table 3 z
Pottery Barn

While similar to the other reclaimed wood table on our list, this one does not simply mimic the finish of reclaimed wood but uses real reclaimed pine wood to create a luxurious tabletop full of minute detail. In addition, the table is certified fair trade and sustainably produced.

Shop Now at Pottery Barn - $899

20. Eames Rectangular Coffee Table from Herman Miller

Eames Coffee Table
Herman Miller

Created by arguably the most famous design duo in existence, the Eames rectangular coffee draws inspiration from Charles and Ray Eames’ DCW chair. Like many of their other designs, the table is constructed of several sheets of laminated plywood. Its legs show off the iconic bentwood design that made the couple a household name.

Shop Now at Herman Miller - $1045

21. Annessia Coffee Table with Storage from Wayfair


The Annessia table is possibly the most unique table on this list in terms of appearance, being constructed almost entirely of aluminum. Those of us who wish we could afford an Airstream can scratch that itch, as the riveted paneling harkens back to the look of a mid-20th-century aircraft similar to the famed trailers.

Shop Now at Wayfair - $1349.99

22. Maria Coffee Table from Rove Concepts

Maria Coffee Table
Rove Concepts

Who knew tennis players could design? Maria Sharapova (yes, that one) collaborated with Rove Concepts to create this monument-esque concrete table that features a rounded tabletop perched atop a pedestal base, radiating softness and warmth despite its material. It is constructed from glass fiber concrete and alabaster concrete.

Shop Now at Rove Concepts - $1499

23. Platner Coffee Table from Design Within Reach

W PD 5961 ENV4 tif
Design Within Reach

William Platner designed the eponymous table in 1966, and since then it has become an icon of modern industrial design. Fabricated in Italy, each table requires over 1,000 welds to create an airy base of steel rods. The table is available in several different base colors as well as marble tabletops instead of classic glass.

Shop Now at Design Within Reach - $1816

24. Noguchi Table from Herman Miller

W HM Redwood 01 005
Herman Miller

A personal favorite of this list, this table designed by famed Japanese sculptor Isamu Noguchi requires no introduction. It has been copied and mimicked countless times, but nothing will ever come close to the OG. The signature offset wood base and amorphous tabletop make the viewing experience different from every angle.

Shop Now at Herman Miller - $2495

25. Metaphora Coffee Table from OWO

casignliani metafora white

Designed by Massimo Vignelli for Casigliani circa 1979, the Metaphora coffee table is more of a sculpture than a table. It features the four forms of Euclidean geometry cut out of marble as its base, creating a stunning centerpiece for your living room. Each marble support can be moved around and the table will remain stable, but all four are required to maintain the tabletop’s balance. Poetic, isn’t it?

Shop Now at OWO - $3493.25
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