The 12 Best Cologne Gift Sets of 2023

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The holidays are not-so-slowly approaching, and for those of you who like to begin your holiday shopping early, you may be wondering what to get your loved ones. Even if somebody isn't a major fragrance collector, we all like to smell good (and need to smell good for certain occasions), which makes a cologne gift set a perfect choice for the holidays. We've done what we hope is all the work for you by rounding up the best cologne gift sets that you can currently purchase—from luxury classics like Versace Eros ($79.98), to more affordable options such as the Calvin Klein Variety Set ($42.20). The sets we've included in this list are some of the best out there, but if you are interested "creating your own set" so to speak, remember you can check out summer and winter fragrance list to mix and match if you wish.

Let's check out the list shall we?

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What is a cologne gift set?

A cologne gift set is usually a package of more than one fragrance. Many times (but not always), the colognes featured in the gift set are smaller than the individual ones you can buy (like a mini-size), and while most fragrance sets contain, well, fragrances, there's some that only have one fragrance in the set, but a mixture of other grooming products (like aftershave and deodorant for example) included instead. We'll mostly be focusing on the sets that are all fragrances for this article.

The Best Cologne Gift Sets, at a Glance:

1. Versace Eros

Screen Shot 2023 08 28 at 6.33.23 PM

Best Cologne Gift Set, Overall

  • Set includes: Eau de Toilette Spray (3.4 oz), Shower Gel (3.4 oz)
  • Price at time of publish: $79.98

There's much to be said about Versace Eros, which has long been considered one of the best and most popular fragrances for men. First debuting in 1992, Eros has top notes of mint, green apple and lemon, middle notes of tonka bean, ambroxan and geranium, and base notes of madagascar vanilla, virginian cedar, atlas cedar, vetiver and oakmoss. Representing confidence, seduction, and playfulness, this set also has a shower gel that accompanies the cologne, which is the perfect one-two punch combo. Shower with the Eros Shower Gel, and then finish off your look by spritzing on a bit the cologne. Sounds like a gift doesn't it?


2. Calvin Klein Variety Set

Screen Shot 2023 08 28 at 6.44.29 PM

Best Budget Gift Set

  • Set includes: Calvin Klein Eternity (.5 oz), Calvin Klein Obsession (.5 oz), CK for Men (.5 oz), Calvin Klein Escape (.5 oz)
  • Price at time of publish: $42.20

Eternity, Obsession, CK for Men, and Escape are all highly regarded in the Calvin Klein fragrance community, so imagine how excited you could make a special somebody by surprising them with all four in one. Pretty darn excited we bet. Now it should be noted that these are the mini variety sizes with 0.5 bottles, which is to be expected with it being a set. What you're getting with all four of these fragrances are an epic blend of jasmine, mandarin, sandal, lime, leaves, and more. All of this for the price of $42, which is an excellent deal considering how much these are worth individually, and how much use you can get out of all four colognes.


3. Cartier Discovery Set 3x10 ML

Screen Shot 2023 08 28 at 6.52.30 PM

Best Set for Cooler Weather

  • Set includes: Déclaration Eau de Toilette (10 ml), Pasha Edition Noire Eau de Toilette (10 ml), Pasha Fragrance (10 ml)
  • Price at time of publish: $65

Another great cologne gift set to consider for the holiday season is Cartier's Men's Discovery Set 3x10 ML, which is Cartier describes as "three of its finest olfactory creations for men," and is composed of three 10 ml sprays: Déclaration Eau de Toilette, Pasha Edition Noire Eau de Toilette and Pasha Fragrance. Not only will you be gifting your loved one three incredibly smelling fragrances, but Cartier also gives you an option of presenting your gift in the brand's signature packaging, and has a personalized greeting card included. All for this for the grand total of $65. Not bad don't you think?


4. Yves Saint Laurent Mini Black Opium & Libre Eau de Parfum Set

Screen Shot 2023 08 28 at 7.02.02 PM

Best Set for Warmer Weather

  • Set includes: Libre Eau de Parfum (7.5 ml), Black Opium Eau de Parfum (7.5 ml)
  • Price at time of publish: $35

If you want a cologne set that's a blend of sugar, spice, and everything nice, consider picking up YSL's Mini Black Opium and Libre Eau de Parfum set. Libre is the "sugar," containing notes of lavender, orange blossom, and musk accord, and Black Opium is the "spice," with notes of coffee, white flowers, and vanilla. Both cologne's come highly rated from customers in the areas of satisfaction, smell, and price. Speaking of the price, this set is only $35, which is another snag considering this is YSL we're talking about—one of the premier fashion houses.


5. Christian Dior La Collection Privée

Screen Shot 2023 08 28 at 7.13.42 PM

Best Luxury Cologne Gift Set

  • Set includes: Christian Dior Jasmine des Anges (1.3 oz), Eden-Roc (1.3 oz), Cologne Blanche (1.3 oz)
  • Price at time of publish: $375

Christian Dior's La Collection Privée contains three 1.3 oz fragrances: Jasmin des Anges, which is a floral and fruity eau de parfum that has jasmine as it's top note along with apricot and honey, Eden-Roc, which is a legendary location on the Riviera that's been described as having floral and woody notes that reflect the colors of the Mediterranean coast, and Cologne Blanche, which consists of orange blossom and violet notes. The set requires a $375 investment, but you're getting three luxury colognes. Oh, and Dior also gives you two complimentary samples of your choice with the order. Nice!


6. Armani Acqua di Giò Eau de Toilette 3-Set

Screen Shot 2023 08 28 at 7.23.07 PM

Also Great

  • Set includes: Acqua di Giò Eau de Toilette (100ml), Acqua di Giò Eau de Toilette (15ml), Acqua di Giò Eau de Toilette shower gel (75ml)
  • Price at time of publish: $115

Armani's Acqua di Giò is another cologne that has been long lauded and highly-rated. Boasted by top notes of lime, lemon, bergamot, jasmine, orange, mandarin orange and neroli, middle notes of cyclamen, coriander, violet, nutmeg, rose, mignonette, jasmine, calone, peach, freesia, rosemary, hiacynth, and base notes of white musk, cedar, oakmoss, patchouli and amber, not only do you get two sizes of the cologne, but you also get a shower gel to accompany them. The 15ml is travel size by the way, so you can easily take it with you when you're on the road.


7. Ralph Lauren World of Polo 2-Piece Discovery Cologne Gift Set

Screen Shot 2023 08 29 at 9.23.27 AM

Best for Everyday Wear

  • Set includes: Ralph Lauren Fresh Scent (.5 oz), Ralph Lauren Spicy Scent (.5 oz)
  • Price at time of publish: $25

Here's another sugar, spice, and everything nice cologne set from Ralph Lauren via Kohl's that will take you from day to night seamlessly. The World of Polo contains two different scents, the Fresh Scent and Spicy Scent aka Blue and Red, with each differing from one another in terms of what they offer. Polo Blue has key notes of melon, sage, and suede to give you an aquatic cologne great for the warmer months, and Polo Red has key notes of red grapefruit, red saffron, and redwood to give you a woody fragrance perfect for the fall and winter. A nice mixture, and a great price of just $25.


8. Dior Sauvage Set

Screen Shot 2023 08 29 at 9.34.02 AM

Best Grooming Cologne Gift Set

  • Set includes: Sauvage Eau de Toilette (3.4 oz),  Sauvage Deodorant Stick (75 g), Sauvage After-Shave Balm (1.7 oz)
  • Price at time of publish: $165

You get the best of the best with this Sauvage set from Dior which consists of a 3.4 oz version of the very popular cologne, which is filled with notes of bergamot and ambroxan to give you a strong smell that lingers long after you've left the room, the Sauvage Deodorant Stick enriched with the olfactory notes of Sauvage in an alcohol-free formula, and the Sauvage After-Shave Balm, which soothes and takes care of your skin with a formula infused with cactus extract. Citrusy, fresh, and right on time for the holidays.


9. Le Labo Discovery Set

Screen Shot 2023 08 29 at 10.03.31 AM
Le Labo Fragrances

Best for Cologne Gift Set for Sampling

  • Set includes: 1.5 ml samples of all Le Labo's Classic Collection Fragrances
  • Price at time of publish: $107

Le Labo's Discovery Set is our selection for the best gift set that allows you to sample because you quite literally get everything they have in their fragrance catalog with 1.5 ml samples of all of their colognes. This includes Le Labo's Ambrete Cologne, their Bergamote, Fleur d’Oranger, Rose, Patchouli, Vetiver, Tonka, and more. The fragrances samples come in Le Labo's classic kraft box, and if you want to add a personal touch for the occasion you are gifting the person for, you can add a personalized label if you wish.


10. KILIAN Discovery Set

Screen Shot 2023 08 29 at 9.41.14 AM

Also Great

  • Set includes: Good girl gone Bad by KILIAN (7.5 ml), Straight to Heaven (7.5 ml), Love, don't be shy (7.5 ml), Moonlight in Heaven (7.5 ml), Black Phantom 'MEMENTO MORI' (7.5 ml), Intoxicated (7.5 ml), Bamboo Harmony (7.5 ml)
  • Price at time of publish: $275

A cologne gift set for the ages, KILIAN's Discovery Set gives you seven (yes seven) of their iconic KILIAN Paris perfumes by way of 7.5 ml vials along with a black travel Talisman. The eight perfumes included in the set are: Good girl gone Bad by KILIAN, Straight to Heaven, Love, don't be shy, Moonlight in Heaven, Black Phantom 'MEMENTO MORI,' Intoxicated, and Bamboo Harmony which are KILIAN describes as "as much about seduction as it is about protection." The set is $275, slips easily into any bag, travel-friendly, and can be taken anywhere for any occasion.


11. Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Eau de Toilette Cologne Set

Screen Shot 2023 08 29 at 9.53.40 AM

Best Smelling

  • Set includes: Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Eau de Toilette Spray in a full size (3.4 oz) and two travel spray bottles (.34 oz).
  • Price at time of publish: $125

Give the gift of Prada this holiday season and beyond with the brand's renowned Prada Luna Rossa Spray. Luna Rossa is a dynamic and sporty scent with top notes of lavender and bitter orange, middle notes of mint and clary sage, and base notes of ambroxan and ambrette. The Luna Rossa Gift set comes with a full size spray, along with two travel spray bottles. Seeing as though the full size is enough to definitely get you through at least half of the year, this set should certainly get you at least 3/4's of the way through for sure.


12. BLEU DE CHANEL Eau de Toilette Refillable Twist and Spray

Screen Shot 2023 08 29 at 10.11.26 AM

Best for Traveling

  • Set includes: BLEU DE CHANEL Eau de Toilette Refillable Twist and Spray (3 and 0.7 oz)
  • Price at time of publish: $110

The legendary BLEU DE CHANEL from Chanel—a fragrance that has withstood the test of time and popularity beautifully. A blend of citrus and woody scents, BLEU DE CHANEL is lined with top notes of citrus notes pink pepper vetiver, a middle note of grapefruit cedar labdanum, and base notes of ginger, sandalwood, and frankincense. The gift set comes with a 3 oz version of the spray, alongside two refillable 0.7 twists which will assure your loved one smells magnificent.


What should I look for in a cologne gift set?

There's several things you should be on the lookout for when on the hunt for a cologne gift set. Here's some suggestions on our end:

Price: The most important factor is to know your budget ahead of time as some fragrance gift sets can get pretty pricey (as in you'll be spending a few hundred bucks). Once you've determined your budget, you can assess what gift sets fit that range. We've included sets as low as $25, and as high as almost $300 as some potential options to look at.

Pieces included: Some gift sets come with different sizes of one perfume, whereas others are discovery sets, meaning you'll get to sample multiple fragrances in one go. There's even a few sets that will have one size of a cologne, and then a few other grooming products such as deodorant and aftershave. We've included all of the above in this list for you to reference.

Scents: This is dependent upon the preferences of the person you are shopping for (or you if this is a gift set you are purchasing for yourself). Are you/the person you are shopping for more of a summer or winter fragrance type of individual? Does the person/yourself prefer more of a spicy woody scent or a fresh breeze citrus? It's important to look at the notes/ingredients of a cologne (which we've included for you), so that you way you don't wind up getting a fragrance that somebody doesn't like smell wise.

Season: To that point, what season are you shopping for? As we just pointed out, there is a difference between summer and winter fragrances, so that's something to keep in mind. Also, some fragrances are season-neutral, meaning they can be used at any point in the year, which is another factor to keep in mind.

Quality: Luxury doesn't always equal better quality in the case of colognes, but there is a big difference between dupes/off-brand/knockoffs, and the actual cologne those dupes/knockoffs are based on. We're not saying that the quality/smell isn't good on those specific colognes at all, but there's a difference between a Prada Luna Rossa dupe, and the real thing.

Bottle Design: This may seem trivial, but some cologne bottle designs can get quite funky. If you think the person you are shopping for would be amused by a certain design, that's also something to consider while browsing.

FAQs about cologne gift sets:

Does cologne make a good gift?

Cologne absolutely makes for a good gift, however it's also considered to be a highly personal gift. It's up to you judge the level of relationship when it comes to the person you are shopping for, but you probably wouldn't want to give cologne gift set to somebody you aren't very close to. Just something to keep in mind once again as you are shopping.

What's the best cologne to give as a gift?

In our opinion, the best cologne to give as a gift is one based on the personality of the individual you are shopping for. For example, if you know somebody has a signature scent that is their "automatic," it's probably best to go with that specific cologne as a gift set. If you aren't sure, then a discovery set is probably the best option because it gives you smaller sizes of individual fragrances. We made sure to include both on this list.

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